Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm happy to report that all went well when I dropped the bomb on my boss that I'm pregnant. I believe that it is the closest I have ever been to a heart attach. He ended up congratulating me. He did ask when I found out and I said the end of July... SHOCKED. Oh, and that I was having a girl. Shocked again! But in the end it was fine. So, I'm very thankful that its over.

I hope everyone had a happy blessed day.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cami the Carrot

Cami is now the size of a carrot. But the more exciting news is that I have finally been able to feel the little gal move! I felt the first little "bump" on the 15th of Nov. but I wasn't sure that was it or something else going on down there. Well, now I feel her a couple of times a day. She is really active when I finally lay down for the night. Scott put his hand on my belly last night and thinks he felt a little something.

So, everyone pray for me tonight... I'm telling the boss about Cami tomorrow. I'll let you know if he jumps out of his window or not!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Hat

Aunt Lindsay is busy with her sewing machine. Everyone is going to know Cami's name at the hospital. Thanks Linds!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Half Way There

Banana vs. Cantaloupe

Today, Cami is 20 weeks. We are half way there!! I look at two different web sites each week to learn about pregnancy that week. One has her the size of a Banana and the other is the size of a Cantaloupe. All I know is my little girl weighed more last week then what the average is at 20 weeks. I'm preparing myself for a big baby. :)

Good luck Laura! Today my very close friend Laura is going to the Dr. for her 12 week check up. (By the way, she's a plum today) Cami and I can't wait to find out if she is going to have a BFF or a Boyfriend. We won't be able to find out until Jan. and it's killing us!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Loving Craigs List!!

I just sold my living room furniture on Craig's list in about 20 minutes . The lady is picking it up on Monday night. How awesome is that? Plus, if she doesn't work out I have 3 other people who are interested in buying it.

What's not awesome... going without a sofa for 10 weeks. Oh well, at least we have the new recliners!! The carpets are getting cleaned next Friday and hopefully the painter will be able to get to us soon.

I've got so much to do before this little girl gets her.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's Already Started!

My mother, sister and aunt are already shopping for my little girl. Here is a funny story about an email I just got with a picture of this coat. My sister emailed me to tell me that they just bought this coat for next winter. I looked at it and thought "That's a cute coat for me" Only to start laughing out loud when I realized that it's not for me but for Ms. Cami!

Meet Camille!

First and foremost, our appointment went great with Dr. Campbell. Here is the story of how we found out it was a girl....

I was a ball of nerves when I walked into the appointment. I haven't felt the baby move and this scared me. The lady who took my weight (that amount will go unmentioned) asked if I had felt the baby yet. When I responded "No" she didn't say anything and just sat their staring at her paper for awhile. Well, this got me into downward spiral of crazy thoughts.

So, I walked into the ultrasound room. Bridget, the best ultrasound lady ever, told me to "wipe that face off my head. I'm going to have nothing but good news today." So, I got in position and away we went. Movement, heartbeat... thank the Lord! We then went on to do the usually checking out of the baby. The whole time Scott and I were saying "Look at HIS arm, Look at HIS Face." We got to the rump and Scott said "Is that the top of HIS head?" Bridget replied, "No, its the butt and your daughter is going to be pretty pissed off if you keep calling her a boy."

I looked at Scott and he had the biggest smile on his face. He wanted a girl! We are very happy to have a healthy baby girl in my belly. She is 6 inches long and is 11 oz. Bridget did tell us she has a big belly... Hello look at her parents!

We are going with Camille and will call her Cami. No idea on a middle so feel free to give me suggestions.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Giving In!!

Hello Everyone!

I have finally given in to the internet. You still won't find me on facebook or myspace but at least you can now keep up with me and the family.

Scott and I are going to see Dr. Campbell tomorrow to find out if our "peanut" is a boy or girl. I say boy... I'll update you all soon!