Friday, February 27, 2009


Ms. Camille is a Honeydew this week. I know I mentioned earlier that she is running big but if we go by what she "should" be she is a Honeydew. I'm really starting to believe that she is not as big as what these Drs. are telling me.

I had my first really bad day of pregnancy yesterday. I felt like crap. I don't know if I was just exhausted from my trip last week or that I had a bit of a stomach bug but I just didn't feel well. I only worked a half a day and I felt really guilty about it. Then I started thinking about this pregnancy. I've had such an easy pregnancy. I've only taken 2 Tums. The only real problems I've had so far are a pair of swollen ankles after too much time on my feet, "dead hands" when I sleep and insomnia. I think the insomnia has been the worst but maybe it's just a way to get me prepared for motherhood.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Get Ready!

Well, I went and saw Dr. Steele today and again I'm measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule. I have an ultrasound next Wed. to see how big this baby is going to be. Dr. Steele thinks that if the baby is over 8.5 pounds that they should do a C-section. She said that she thinks a 8.5 pound baby will be hard labor for me due to my size. So, next Wednesday will be the day we find out how big this little girl is. I guess they gain about 2 1/2 pounds over the last 4 weeks so whatever she weighs on Wed we'll have to add 2 pounds to it.

Scott and I went to baby class yesterday. I really didn't want to go because I was so tired from my trip. (Thanks Lindsay for letting me crash on Saturday night at your house) Once I got home I grabbed Scott, we went to lunch, and then baby class from 1-7:30 pm. Needless to say, I wish I could have skipped out of it but it's was good to get prepared. We have a infant care class next week. I'm excited about this class because I think it will make me feel better about taking care of such a little (big) baby.

P.S. Here is a picture of the Cantaloupe (34 weeks) and the Crenshaw Melon (36 weeks.) This is how much she is running bigger.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Little Rock bound

I'm heading to Little Rock, AR tomorrow for my last travel conference. This is an important conference because it is hosted by my magazines sister company. I'm the only magazine there and all of the attendees are interested in the market my magazine goes to. So, hopefully I'll make some good connections. I know that hospital bills will be rolling in before I know it so maybe I'll land a whale of a client. I've got a meeting set up with Switzerland Tourism so keep your fingers crossed!

So, Ms. Cami is the size of a Cantaloupe this week. Can you believe I've got only 6 weeks to go? I think I'm pretty much set on everything for her room. I've got to buy a glider and a mirror but other than that I've got it pretty much up or at least ordered.

Sunday we have our baby class from 1-8pm. I hope it's a good class and they don't make me more nervous about child birth. I'm not scared of the pain, I'm scared of the unknown. I just want her to come out perfectly healthy.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Girls Day Out!

Laura and I are going to have a girls day out on Saturday. Yes, its Valentines Day but your suppose to be with the ones you love. We both have plans for our husbands that night but the day belongs to us. Although Laura and I work together and see each other everyday we haven't had a day out together in a long time. We are starting our day off with a mani/pedi, then off to lunch then we are going to see Shopaholic. I'm really excited about our day. It will be good to spend the day with Laura and it just being us. Pretty soon we are both going to be mommies. Our days out will include hauling around a stroller, diaper bag and oh yeah the baby. But I think it's going to be pretty special to be able to call Laura on a rainy weekend and say "Let's take the babies to the Mall so they can play in the play area." And maybe... just maybe stick our heads in the Coach store.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pineapple Passed

Well.... I passed my GD test. I found out on Monday and totally did a happy dance. I must admit that I ate about 100 butterfinger cookies over the weekend in case it was my last time to eat sweets. I haven't been eating well the past couple of days so I'm going to get back on track!

Camille is the size of a Pineapple this week. She has been moving around a lot and some of her movements are starting to kind of hurt. Last night I swear she was trying to break out of my right side just below my rib. It's so alien.

We have got Cami's room together so now I'm on the hunt for decor. I've already ordered this name thing, so now I need a couple of pictures, a rug and curtains. It's so exciting decorating her room. I haven't really let Scott get involved besides putting the furniture together because I want it to be my thing. I know it's selfish but I really want to do this for my daughter and know that I created a happy place for her to lay her head.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hector is back

Scott and I took Hector to the vet on Saturday for another check-up to see if his Liver was back on track. We are so happy to say that his blood work came back perfect. He no longer has to take his meds or supplements. They are keeping him on his Liver dog food (expensive!!) until April. He's due for all of his annual shots then and they will retest his blood to see if he can come off the Liver dog food. We are so happy Hector has made a complete recovery and doesn't have to have surgery. After weeks of worry and more money then you would believe we feel blessed. Hector has been our little baby for 4 years and he is very much loved. So, Hectors next hurdle will be surviving the introduction of Camille. I have a feeling he might be a little overwhelmed.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Whatta Jicama?

Well, little Ms. Cami is the size of a Jicama. Not really familiar with that fruit/Veg but that is what baby center is telling me. I'm 32 weeks. I think that means I'm starting my 8th month but I'm not really sure. The whole pregnancy counting thing is strange since your pregnant for 40 weeks or 10 months. All I know is that I've got 56 days (if I make it full term) until the little nugget arrives.

The baby shower last weekend was great. It was so wonderful to see my family and friends. Thank you to everyone who came and for the love and support you are giving Scott and I during our special time. So, what was the best gift.... A middle name! All the girls at the shower put a suggestion for Cami's middle name in a bag. I took the bag home to Scott who had until Feb. 1st to pick a name. He had his list down and then I gave him the shower names. He came across Madison and loved it. A dear friend, Bonnie Jones, suggested the name because it is the name of the county I was born in. Scott love the name and the mean so that is what he picked. So, my baby girls full name will be Camille Madison Bowman. I hope you all love it as much as we do.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Big Momma

So, the belly has really taken off the last 6 1/2 weeks. Until about 4 weeks ago people I don't know never mentioned my pregnancy. Now, random people ask me when I'm due. I don't know why this surprises me when they ask. I'm thinking... do I really look that pregnant? Well folks I got a good dose of reality when my sister took a side photo of me this weekend. Um... yeah.... well... I'm really round!! My mom told me this weekend not to worry about my belly until it stuck out past my boobs. I asked her if my belly did that and she said "NO". Lier, Lier pants on fire! Here is the proof! So, I can blame the belly on the baby. Does she also get blamed for double chin, thunder thighs, back fat and the bubble butt? And I can only get BIGGER from here. Geez...

Ice, Ice Baby

As you know we had a very bad ice storm in Lexington last week. We lost power Tuesday night and did not get any power back until Sat. morning. We stayed at my parents on Tuesday and Wednesday night. Then mom and I packed up and stayed at Lindsay's on Thursday to start our long weekend for my 1st baby shower! My GD test got canceled on Wed. because of the ice storm so I now have it this coming Friday. Wish me luck. I've been trying to eat better but this weekend was not good. It was my IN baby shower and we had lots of yummy things. I want to give a big Thank you to my sister, mom and cousin for giving me a shower. I'll fill you in on shower details later.