Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Above Sunglasses need to be found. They are almost 3 1/2 years old. Please returned if found!

I have done an amazing job at keeping my sunglasses. I remember when I bought them my sister telling me that it was STUPID to buy glasses so expensive (Coach) but I feel in love and didn't pay her any attention. After not loosing them after 2 years I have come to the realization that if they are expensive you MAKE SURE you don't loose them. I now own a pair of Coach gloves for the same reason and am happy to report that they are still around after 1 season. Gloves are something that I never form an attachment to because I have an even worse history with gloves than I do glasses.

So, as I'm driving to work today and its way too sunny for my sleepy eyes and I reach for my glasses. As you guess, gone! Then I tried to remember the last time I had them. The above picture... VACATION. I'm hoping to find them because if I don't I'm going to go buy the exact same pair. If you divide it up over the time I've had them its only $5 a month. Would you pay $5 a month for sunglasses? See how the expense is totally justified.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Big Girl

This is Cami first time with cereal. We are getting better at getting it in her mouth

Cami went to the Dr. on Monday and got her 4-month check up and shots. (thanks mom for taking care of her that day) She weighed in at 16 lbs 15 oz and was 26 1/4 inches. She is in the 95 percentile in both area. Dr. Waddles asked several questions, all of which I nodded my head and said "Oh yes, she's been doing that for awhile." Then came the questions I was dreading... "Is she rolling yet?" "NO, she is not rolling," I replied with my head down. Dr. Waddles said it's not a big deal because bigger babies tend to do things slower. I nodded then came back with the "But she can stand with a little help." Here is what Cami was doing last week before her bedtime.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Problem Child #2

Cami needed some cuddling last night after her shots. She was a little grumpy but ended up going to bed by 8:15pm. So, I'm heading to bed because I'm exhausted from the weekend. I get settled and my "child number two" walks in complaining about his neck. After much begging I gave him a neck rub for a good 20 minutes. Ok, now its MY time. I get resettled and crack open SwimSuit by James Patterson. (FYI- I'm only 58 pages in and I'm scared!) I'm starting to get sleepy so I turn off the light and just snuggle into the perfect spot on my pillow with a thunderstorm off in the distance. This is going to be a good hard sleep, I can already tell. Then the shrill of Scott's cell phone goes off. The hospital is in panic mode because the electricity, boilers, chiller and other things that involve code talk are out. He spent the next hour talking to work... IN BED. Then he determined that he need to go in. I was in and out of sleep when he got home at 3:00 am. He thought it was a little warm in the house and turn down the air down. Between 3-4:30 I rolled Scott over at least 5 times because he was snoring SO bad. Then at 4:30 child #1 wakes up because she's cold and child #2 is just snoring away. Needless to say I got a triple shot skinny vanilla latte on the way to work.

Monday, August 10, 2009

demon baby

This can't be our little girl. That was the question Scott and I kept asking ourselves this weekend. Cami had herself some serious crying fits over the weekend. We could not find out what was wrong with her. Our baby doesn't cry. She may give you a little cry because she hunger or needs a diaper change but she doesn't cry just to cry. Well, it all started on Friday. I went to my monthly bunco game and Cami and Scott hung out at home. Scott tells me she cried for 4 hours. No food, diapering, or gas drops helped her. He said she finally gave up crying and went to bed. The next day we went to a family reunion. All was well and then we came home. She cried to cry for an hour. Ok, better than the day before. Now its Sunday and she has her pictures with Jessica Campbell Photography. She is a happy little girl all day and even starts her organic brown rice cereal. (that cereal was Scotts pick). But right before Jessica arrives the demon baby appeared. I'm hoping that Jessica can do some serious magic on her photo's because she was a mess. To the LEFT is a shot she got at the Bowman's farm on Sunday. It was so hot we were sweating our faces off. Thanks Jessica for putting up with us. Then we came home from the Bowmans and she wouldn't go to bed until 8:45pm. That's 45 minutes past her bedtime! After she was sleeping peacefully Scott and I just looked at each other. She gets her 4month shots today. I'm sure it's going to be a Lovely week.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Seriously... people

Today I observed not one, not two but three different cars block an intersection and not move when the ambulance came screaming down the street. The driver was laying on his horn yet no one moved. Do we have a cluster of deaf people sitting in these cars? Am I missing something? They could of moved their cars but I think that they were afraid they would get over and not be able to get back in with all the traffic lined up behind them. BUT still... if someone you loved was in that ambulance you would be screaming you head off for everyone to get out of their way. Do we no longer have empathy for other? So, today I'm going to try and do 3 random acts of kindness to make up for these fools. Feel free to join me in my efforts today. I have a feeling that it isn't only these 3 souls that need a little making up for.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back in the swing

I'm not sure if you missed my weekly post but I should be back on schedule now.

We went to Denver on Friday the 31st. Cami was a rock star on the plane. I had people commenting on how well behaved she was and one lady said she didn't even know there was a baby behind her until Cami started laughing when we were getting ready to land. She was great on all 4 flights even the 3 hours flight to and from Denver!

On Sat. we hung around the Cherry Creek area and then met my friends Jen and Greg for breakfast on Sunday morning. We GREAT breakfast both days and Cami slept through both of them so they were a little EXTRA special.

We then were off to Estes Park from Sun-Wed. We had a great time and got to enjoy the park. I think my most favorite moment was when Cami and I were hanging by the river and Scott was fishing. We just got to do a lot of chilling which was what I really wanted. We did stay in an RV in Estes Park. It was really the only thing open and in our price range. (3 nights in an RV were cheaper than 1 might at JW) This was a long way away from the JW Marriott. I will say that I was totally fine with the RV. It had a kitchen, bath and little living area. It had an outside porch with chairs, grill and a little fire pit. It was only a little walk down to the river. Scott on the other had...not so much. He kept hitting his head on cabinets and could not fit in the bathroom with the door closed. He told me that he "likes his adminities." Such a primadonna!

Now, I'm back to my schedule which I have to say... it's very comforting!