Monday, December 28, 2009

Dog food Christmas

Christmas was really special this year. After spending time with both of our families, we all got on my bed and had the best family time together. It is what Christmas is really all about.

I have lots of Christmas pictures to share, which I will soon, but I thought you would like to see what we did the majority of the time during our Christmas break.

She has been told at least 8-9 times not to do this. Plus, I smacked her hands. But as soon as you put her down in the living room and step away this is where you will find her.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

This will be my last post for awhile because I plan to not even look at a computer until the 29th when I'm back in the office.

Last night Scott was "watching" Cami was I was loading the dish washer. I hear, "Camille"! I walk in to see that she has completely unwrapped a gift and is studying it. Then she proceeds to beat on it like its a drum. OH, this is NOT her gift!!

Merry Christmas to All!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2 children

I wasn't fibbing when I said that I've got two children! The little girl was having the time of her life. This is why she LOVES her dadda!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Life just got a little crazier!

Cami is on the move. She's not all the way crawling but the girl can get herself around and in TROUBLE!

Also, after going to the Dr. on Friday she is now being treated for RSV. They have to do a painful test up her nose to get a confirmed diagnoses so the Dr. said they would treat her the same so no need to do the test. (She has all of the signs.) Since RSV is so contagious we keep her home from the Bowman side family Christmas on Sat. We were looking forward to seeing Scott side of the family but Cami wasn't even 75% . Plus, baby Jude was going to be there and didn't want to put him at harms way.

Cami is now doing better but still having issues here and there. I'll post some pictures later of her fun time she had with daddy when momma was in the bathtub. I seriously have 2 children!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

$190 gets you nothing

FYI- I've already spent $190 in co-pays in two weeks to have my daughter STILL be ill. We have another $25 appointment today at 3:15 because she is coughing so hard that she is puking when she sleeps. Thus.. nothing is wrong with her I keep hearing. This is NOT a healthy child, something is wrong with her and I'm not going to wait 2 weeks for Tubes to magically make her healthy! (Sorry had to get that off my chest)

So, today we are likely to be getting a chest X-ray to make me a believer that nothing is wrong with her. Jeez!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Stage 3

We started Stage 3 food last night. Cami ate Veg. Beef Pilaf without a problem. She will eat anything you put in her mouth but she will NOT put anything in her mouth herself. She'll drink out of her sippy cup.. if you hold it. Will munch on puffs... if you put them in her mouth. This is a good thing when it comes to toys etc., but I'm starting to wonder if anything is wrong with her. She only wants to play with the food on her tray.

So, if anyone has any suggestions on how to get her to actually put food in her mouth, hold her sippy or her bottle for that matter please let me know.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


So excited! Jessica Campbell sent me some pic on facebook that she took of Cami. I should have the CD by Sat. I can't wait. I thought I was not going to have any of the outside pictures but I think they are some of my favorite. If you have facebook you can view 17 pics that she posted on my page but her are a couple of snagged off her page.

Thank Jessica!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

An hour and 20 minutes for this!

Seriously! I could not get her to shut her mouth. I'm hoping Jessica Campbell got some better shots at our house this weekend because this one is NOT going on the Christmas card!

Friday, December 4, 2009

I knew it!

I got the eggs out of the fridge and when I turned back around CRASH! I don't know how she didn't slice her foot off but thankfully we escaped unharmed. I can't say the same about the bottle of chile lime hot sauce.

Oh, and her tooth broke the gum line last night. So, if you stick your finger in her mouth, her little snapper turtle jaw will clamp down and you can feel the ridges of her tooth.

It was an exciting Thursday night at the Bowmans!

Happy Birthday Papaw! I stayed up and made his favorite gingersnap cookies last night. I love my dad with all of heart and am so happy is healthy, retired and taking life easy. XOXO

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Finally a post

Sorry, things have been crazy at work and home.

Cami has been at the Drs. office more times then I can count for her ear infections. Tommie has been watching her most of this week because she is have "diaper" issues since she had to get 2 shots this week that are very strong to get rid of her infection since the 3 other meds we gave her didn't work. I'm sure daycare appreciates her staying home. Thanks Tommie!

Thanksgiving was great as always. I thought my turkey was so, so. Everyone always eats the sides so maybe next year I'll just roast up the breast only. We'll see.

I tried to create a slide show on i-movies like before but for some reason it wasn't working maybe if I have some extra time I'll try again tomorrow.