Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hello Blog World

Hi. It's been awhile! I'm back from my back to back business trip. First I was in DC and then I went to South Dakota. My SD trip was one thing after another. Let's just say that I'm not heading back to SD in the middle of Jan. EVER again.

Little Miss Cami is so cute. The above pictures are of a little photo shoot we had this morning. She woke up early so needless to say I look like H.. E.. double hockey sticks and she looks as cute as ever.

Cami is now in LOVE with teething cookies. I have a love/hate relationship with them. I love them because she loves them but I hate them because they make the biggest mess. Also, another reason for my dislike is that she gives her cookie to Hector who runs off and eats it.

Well, last night she was enjoying a cookie in the living room (this was before I got home because I believe she shouldn't have the cookie unless she's in a seat but what can ya do) and gave her cookie to Hector who ran away with it. Well, she decided she wanted the cookie back and went over to get it... only to get her hand bit! So, Hector was spanked and tossed outside. He didn't break the skin etc but still. That is his only "oops" moment because if he does it again he's done. I know it would break all of our hearts to give up Hector but baby comes first. Cami is in LOVE with Hector and makes it her mission to be anywhere he is... check out the pics below.

This is an everyday scene at our house. Hector on the chair and Cami in his face. It always ends with Hector running away!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Cami coming out of her tent Aunt Lindsay gave her. She love this tent!
Hanging out with her buddy Dane Camic.
Modeling a new outfit Aunt Sissy got her
This is what she looks like after we do some work in the mornings
Cami has the worst bed head. She has Papaw Weller's hair.

Goodness, life has been out of control. After my last post I came down with the flue for 3 days. Even missed work on Monday! My parents watched Cami on Monday and guess what... they are both now sick!

OVER the sickness. Cami has a little stomach bug. We are trying daycare today but on the way there she had a "blow out" and it made me 15 minutes late for work!

Saturday I leave for Washington DC for work. I'll be there until Monday. Then on Tuesday... yes Tuesday I fly to South Dakota and don't get home until Friday night. This upcoming week is not something I'm looking forward to. I'll miss my little family but I'm sure they will be having a good old time at the Bowman's. I'm sure Cami wont go to daycare all week and Scott will enjoy getting to come home from work and doesn't have to do a thing.

So, no more posts for awhile.

FYI- I uploaded Christmas pictures to facebook so you'll see them there.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Last night we super fun. At 12:30 I took Scott to the ER because he was throwing up and all that really gross stuff that goes along with the flu. He was in very bad shape and was blacking out and having a hard time seeing so we decided it was best to take him to the hospital.

Side Note: While all of this is happening Scott keeps telling me to call 911 and get him an ambulance! My response was, "What? Your not dead. You can't be serious." He is screaming at me that he is serious. He's never felt like this... (oscar moment) he's going to die. What if I'm having a heart attack, he keeps repeating. My Answer: jeans and a sweatshirt thrown in his direction with a "I gotta get the baby ready, so buck up"

Now, I did take him to the hospital where Cami and I watch him in some pretty awful pain of being sick. Thank you to Tommie and David who came and got baby C at 1am and watched her until we got home around 4:30. Scott was given a slew of meds and 3 bags of fluids. He was really dehydrated so it was good that we took him in. Now, he is resting at home and gets a call from me every 4 hours to take his med.

Yes folks, I got my butt up and Cami and I are on schedule. Well... we were two hours late but we are up and functioning on our daily routines.

So please say a little prayer for Scott that he gets better and a even Bigger prayer that Cami will go to bed early tonight and I can get some SLEEP!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Plug this!

Cami's surgery for tubes went well. I really didn't know how to deal with a screaming baby but we got through it and she was playing by late afternoon. Now our issue is with the above picture. She has to wear ear plugs when she gets a bath. Putting ear plugs in a baby must be like trying to giving a cat a bath. Thanks to my mom who helped me wrestle Cami last night to get them in place. Is it bad that I don't want Cami to get messy so I don't have to bath her as much?? A kid can go what... 3 days without a bath? She's a girl, how stinky can she get?