Monday, March 29, 2010

Cami Cakes 1st Birthday

First, thank you so much to my mom and sister for all of their help with Cami's party. I also want to thank my Aunt Julie, cousin Bradi, Angela and Tommie for helping clean up. It was a big party with lots to do.

Cami was kind of reserved during her party. She was taking it all in and was not giving ANYONE a smile. She kept those all to herself and finally started smiling when everyone left and later that night when she was playing with Addie and Cooper.

More pictures to come...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nashville Fun

On our way to Nashville '10

Hanging out at the Gaylord Opryland (above)
Woke up early at hotel to watch cartoons (below)

Shhhh... I'm using my new birthday stroller from Nana and Papa early

Pics from our Nashville trip. Cami had her first time in the pool but I forgot my camera. Needless to say she was so cute and like the water. The big day is on Saturday so I'm in over drive right now!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Nashville Bound

Well.. it's been a week. Cami has had a fever all week so she hasn't gone to school. We took her to the doctor who did a check to come up with; Teething! Thankfully, Tommie has been available to watch the nugget. Otherwise, I don't know what Scott and I would have done. Cami gets her 1-year shots soon and we are also going to do a blood test to make sure everything is going good since she seem to be getting sick often.

BUT.. we are heading to Nashville this weekend. I have to attend a conference M-W so Scott, Cami and my parents are going to Nashville with me tomorrow-Sunday to have a little weekend getaway. It should be fun and the weather is going to be nice. I think Cami will like being out of the house!

Once I get back from the conference it's full Birthday mode. I've got Jimmy Johns ordered for the adults and Chick-fil-a nuggets for the kids. Plus a whole slew of side etc. Decorations and balloons have been ordered and bought. So, here is to the next 7 days of craziness.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Thursday, March 11, 2010

16 days to go

The nuggets birthday is in 16 days. I'm going to Nashville next weekend and won't be home until the 24th so I've got a lot to do this weekend! Still haven't figured out the main food yet. I've got a lot of side items because I like sides more than the main dish. :)

Sub Sandwiches, Chicken Salad, Pulled Pork, Fried Chicken..?...any suggestions to feed 35-40 adults would be great. I'm ordering a nugget tray from chick-fil-a for the kids.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Daddy's girl

Cami before school this morning

Cami is now a walking baby. She walks everywhere and she is getting fast! She does still like to crawl especially when she is sleepy or when I want to get one of her long walks on video. Hum... I have a feeling that little girl and I are going to be butting head in the future. :)

She is also the BIGGEST daddys girl you have ever seen. She lights up when Scott walks in, is always calling his name and loves to sit and play, play, play with him. Our roles have pretty much been set for us. Scott gets to be the fun one and I get to be the parent. I'm not complaining because being Cami's mom is better than any other job description I've ever had.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Shh... I'm all of two weeks early but I flipped Cami and she is sitting forward. If your mumbling to yourself "well.. I wouldn't be doing that." That is totally fine but if every single time your little one arched their back and did a spread eagle when you tried to force them in the car seat you may think differently. She is tall enough and weighs enough. What's two weeks??

Anyway, this is a picture of her from my rearview mirror.
Here is Cami's dog bite. The bruise is almost gone.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sad news

Hector bit Cami in the face on Sunday night. Cami is going to be fine, she just has one hell of a bruise on her face. I took a picture but Scott asked me not to put it up since its not a laughing matter.

Hector has been sent to live with my in-laws and will also be taken care of by Aunt Sissy. Hector will be well cared for and very much loved. We will also be able to see Hector often. I think that Cami and Hector can still be around each other but they just can't live with each other right now.

Hector was our baby before Cami. I breaks my heart that he isn't going to be able to live with us anymore but I know that one day he will come back. I think when Cami became mobile that he became really stressed out. She was always on him or in his food or trying to get something from him. Hector had a bone when he bit Cami and when he bit her he was like an animal. He wasn't our Hector. So, I just can't trust the two of them together anymore and I know I've made the right decision. Baby comes first, baby always comes first.