Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Capturing Cami

On Sunday the photographer had to cancel for our 1-year pictures so I made it a point to capture some of Cami this weekend. It's hard work, you never REALLY get a moment alone but it's sooo worth it. Last night I called home and Scott had Cami answer and she said "Momma" into the phone. I said hello back and she got really excited did some baby gabbing and then she was done. It pulled at my heart-strings today.
She is so excited about the little play swing/slide set Nana and Papaw Weller got her
Oh wait... she saw a bird. She really likes to point and say the word bird.
Fun game with momma. She likes to peak out of this hole and then stand up real fast to look over the edge. This gives momma a heart attack!

She was dressed up with no where to go so we took her to Cracker Barrel her favorite place to eat. She was dancing on the barrel entertaining people inside. We are hoping that she'll only do this when she is little.
Just an update on Cami's rolls... in case you haven't seen them in awhile.

After a long day of play the girl can't stay awake. She has come close but has never fallen asleep in her high chair until this weekend. See why we are in LOVE.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award!

My friend Anna, Mrs. Grits, gave me a Versatile Blogger award. Anna Lee is a young Southerner. She is The South in everything she does and I personally can't get enough. She talks about food likes its a religion, she has roots that run deep and is as sweet as her tea. So, what's not to like!

The rules are:

1) Thank the blogger who presented me with this award…done!

2) Share 7 things about myself.

3) Pass on the award to 10 bloggers I have recently discovered and love!

So here we go! Seven random things you might (or might not) want to know…

Here are my seven things:

  1. I like to bake... a lot. I haven't done much baking as of late but last night when I was making a cake I caught myself humming along. The song may have been "The ants come marching in" but it was me time. Me time that I enjoy. Now, if someone would only do the dishes perfection could be reached.
  2. This is along the lines of baking but I love reading about food. I get food magazines, I get exercise magazines that I skim until I hit the recipe section. I watch more food network then I know what to do with. side note: Food Network has become MTV. Why don't they show people cooking anymore?? I could care less about who can make the biggest cake!
  3. I like just about anything. I think I'm a good person to go on vacation with because I can either sit by a pool all day or go on an adventure. The only thing I ask is that I don't have to make a decision.
  4. I want to be a True Southerner. I have come to love the South. KY is just below the "sweet tea" line but I really love, love, love all things about it. The South is an easy place to make fun of but if you have been around the people I have and been in some Southern towns that I know it is a true comfort. I'm happy my baby was born in this part of the USA.
  5. I have a really bad habit of talking bad on my husband. I rag on him all of the time to others. I love him and appreciate him. I don't know why I do this? At the end of the day we are a good match. I know we'll make it... and be happy doing it.
  6. I'm a reader. I always read when I have a free time. I have Paula to thank for this. She always has her nose in a book. I never started reading for pleasure until late college and now I do the thing my mom use to do to me. I have a tendency to block out anyone talking to me when I'm reading. I'm also too cheap to buy my own books so I can't be too picky. Big thanks to my Aunts, mom and sister who I get all of my books from.
  7. I am obsessed with Cami's hair....Shocker!
The last thing to do is list 10 bloggers but if you'll look over to the right, you'll find the people I follow.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Remember when...

Scott and I have been going down memory lane lately. I am awful at printing pictures, digital scrap and the baby book. Scott really wants to get everything caught up and in it's place so we are going to try and work on getting everything completed. I told him that I shouldn't be expected to do it so he has to pitch-in. I'm not one about saving memories... like my wedding dress. Anyone know where that thing is... no clue! So, after going through tons of pictures to get upload to the digital scrap, which ones to actually print etc. I've been reliving Cami's life. I found the above picture. I remember taking it and posting it on this blog. These were the days of sleeping, eating, diapering and hanging out on the play mat. All you momma's know... the easy days. :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hard to snap

Cami is becoming very hard to snap a picture of. She is on the go..go..go..go.

She also likes to look away when I want to take a picture or run at full speed toward the camera.

So, here are some not so good pictures over mothers day.See... she wont look or stop moving!

At the apple orchard in Indiana. One of my favorite places. Took Cami to see the animals...
She would not let go of Scott ....
and she wasn't impressed with any of them....

and she really didn't like this animal!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Goodbye Infant Room

We officially move rooms on Monday at daycare. Cami will be going into the "Ones". All of the teachers ask if I'm sad about the move and I can honestly say NO. I miss the baby baby in Cami but she is getting funnier as she gets older. I'm excited to have her join Ms. Pams room and have a more schedule day. I think Cami is going to do really well. Plus, 5 of her other friends are going to be moving with her so I have no doubt that she'll adjust just fine.
Cami with Ms. Pam her new teacher. Ms. Pam hangs out in the infant room in the morning and then moves over to the ONES so Cami is really familiar with her. She usually goes right to Ms. Pam with her arms up every morning for a hug.
Scotts doing to hate this but... Meet Cami's boyfriend Ethan. She REALLY, REALLY likes Ethan. They are always together. Ethan is being stubborn and not walking yet but that doesn't bother Cami. She goes and brings him toys and likes to sit next to him a look at him. I like to think that he is just as in LOVE.

This is a picture of Ms. Pam saying "who wants to come to my room" and all of the kids go running.
Picture of Cami once she gets to Ms. Pams room. She really likes this pink ball and keeps repeating Ball, Ball, Ball. There are several other balls in this room but she waits for the pink one every time.
Cami with Ms. Leslie her Infant Room teacher. I really appreciate Ms. Leslie because she lets me facebook her questions or updates on Cami throughout the day.
Cami and Ava in the lounge chair area. Ava is pretty quite in the morning and likes to chill so Cami will come over every so often and sit and hang with her.

I had to add this picture of our walk the other night. Cami told Scott "NO" when he was taking her picture. Remember when I mentioned Diva...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chillin with my homies

Not to worry... Pluto is tucked behind these two. She likes to get into this hamper and have you put in all of her stuffed animals. Of all the toys we have, she prefers a $1.99 laundry basket.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pretty girl

Cami this morning before school. Her new thing is that she likes to see the picture of herself after you take it. The girl has a little diva in her.
I don't know why I think this picture is so cute. She is now throwing her leg over this toy, her rocking horse, her zebra riding thing and her Elmo airplane. She's is really good at riding things but the dismount needs work!
This one breaks my heart. She is so pretty to me. When I dropped her off yesterday at school the teachers joked that it was just awful that she didn't have anything nice to wear and that she is always wearing the same thing. I know that if they gave out awards she would get "Best Dressed"!