Tuesday, August 31, 2010

KY State Fair

We took Cami and Gray to the KY State Fair on Sunday. It was awesome to spend some time with Grayson. Today is actually Grays birthday and he couldn't be a cooler kid. He turns 8 today, can you believe it 8! Gray has so much going for him and we love him with all our hearts. Happy Birthday G!

Cami was saying "Wee" and "Oh" on her first Carousel ride. I couldn't stop smiling either
Gray and Cami dancing to the bluegrass band
Gray did so well at the games and won lots of stuffed animals and a sword!
He got the top prize at the dart throwing game. This was my favorite game when I was his age.
Gray was very interested in the trackers and other displays at the fair. Totally cool to talk to him about farming, where food comes from etc. He told me he wasn't going to become a farmer because it smells awful!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Farmers Market Fun

My parents stayed in town this weekend so on Saturday Cami and I went to the farmers market with them. I have to get Cami out of the house a lot more now that Scott has to do his classes. This is a good thing. I spend more one on one time with Cami and it forces us to go outside or to new places.

The painted horses are out all over Lexington for the WEG that starts soon!

When Cami saw the horse she said, "Nah". She can't say horse yet but we are working on it.

Lexington moved its farmers market this year to the new pavilion. I really like the new location.
Cami and Papa giving the musicians a dollar. Lots of musicians give it a great feel. Cami trying her first Crepe. Dad and I got one each to split. I liked the butter pecan over the Netella banana. Can't believe I didn't favor the Netella banana but butter, sugar, pecans.. oh my!

Monday, August 23, 2010

On the road again

Well I'm officially back on the road again. I'll be gone at least once a month from now until March '11. I'm off to the exciting location of Joplin, MO. Yea.. I really have zero idea where that is either but that is the location of my conference.

This time last year this was my second trip away from Cami. Thinking back I was sad to leave her but it didn't seem as much of a big deal as it does today. Strange huh? I had to leave very early this AM (this post is being typed in an airport) so I dropped her off at Tommie's last night. We did our kisses and hugs about 1,000 times and I was fine until I pulled out of the driveway. When I looked in the rear view mirror I saw Cami being pushed in her little car away from me but her little head turned and cranked around to see me. I hurt my heart and I wanted to turn around but reality is I have a job, a crappy job!

Here to hoping these 4 nights pass fast!!!!!!!!11

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lake pics

Again, I forgot my camera this weekend so I'm at the mercy of Lindsay and Laura to send me pictures. I grabbed some pictures that Laura posted today on her blog. We had a great time with the Camics and Dane and Cami did really well with each other. Hopefully, next time Scott will be able to join us. :)

P.S. Cami fell down our front steps last night and scraped up her entire left side of her face. She has a couple of cuts and some serious cement burn. Scotts pretty mad but these things happen...right?

Cami was a Lake girl this past weekend. She did a lot of hanging out in her swim diaper!
I think this is the only time they actual sat at the table. They were either moving it, crawling on it or sitting on top of it.
If they ever get married this is so going on the wedding video.
Thanks to Laura, Cory and Dane for making it a fun weekend!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Holiday World

I forgot my camera this weekend (bad momma) so I had to snatch a couple of pictures from my sisters blog. Hopefully, I'll have more to post later. Cami had a fun but very busy weekend. I just got a call from day care that they can't get her to stop crying. Scotts on his way over to see what is going on and Nannie Tommie is on her way to the rescue. I don't know if its the weekend catching up to her or if she coming down with something. She doesn't have a fever.. hum.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cami loves the water

Scott found a blow up pool on sale over the weekend and brought it home for Cami. They have been in the pool a couple of times this week after work. This is nice because it give me time to clean up the kitchen after dinner and have a couple of extra minutes to get everything ready for the next day.

So, last weekend was busy but this week plans to be action packed. I'm taking tomorrow off to go to Holiday World with my sister and her family. Scott has to do his guys evaluations at work so he can't come. :( Cami and I are heading to the cabin after Holiday World. We are going to be meeting The Camics up there for the weekend. I think it will be nice for Cami to have another baby around although her and Dane like to play "around" each other and not actually "with" each other but that's OK. I also get to spend time with Laura so that means after the kiddies are put to bed their may be some sipping on cocktails and giggling done.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

pictures from the weekend

Trying her first funnel cake at the horse park. She liked it... a lot!

She was excited to see the horse until it moved

Hanging on my nana

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New shoes

So, I noticed that Cami's feet were getting these dry skin pieces on the ends of her big toes. I asked Scott what he thought it was and he said she must have some kind of fungus. Really? Well,we did go to the public pool. But still? Then I remembering how Cami was crying the other day when I put her shoes and it came to me. Her shoes are too small! I don't know if I should feel smart for figuring it out or stupid for it taking me so long.

But check our her new kicks. Pretty Fresh!

At least someone is getting on the treadmill!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Busy weekend

We've got a busy weekend coming up. Tonight I'm off to G.N.O. for some much needed girl time. Tomorrow Cami and I are going to a swim playdate with Laura and Dane. Then that night we are heading to the horsepark for "Hats off day" (this means its free) to ride a pony, play games and see some of the jumping. It will also be nice to see all of the new things/buildings at the horse park as they are getting ready to host the World Equestrian Games in Sept. This is the first time it's going to be held in US so it's BIG BUSINESS for KY. On Sunday we are having pictures with Jessica Campbell. You all are going to laugh but this is Cami's 1-year photoshoot. Between my traveling, Jessica's schedule, canceling for her being sick, us canceling for being sick we are finally getting pictures. Cross your fingers!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I promise I'm innocent

She needs to figure out that you can't have your hand behind your back and use the "I'm innocent" face at the same time.

She stole a pair of nail clippers from my bathroom vanity and didn't think I would notice her running away. When I caught up with her this is how she looked.