Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Fall

Hanging out with Nanna and Papaw.
At AppleWorks Orchard. If her "pebbles" would of been higher she would of made 3 feet!
Checking out the goat
Here first pony ride lasted 30 seconds. The horse took a "bathroom break" and she was off and not getting back on. I think she realized that it was a real pony.
Playing in the leaves at the cabin is FUN. This girl was outside the entire day and tossed about 200 walnuts into the lake. She could of done it all day.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Dog in Town

Cami loves, loves, loves her Pluto. She sleeps with that little stuff animal every night and likes to drag him all over the house. But yesterday, the Bowman's gave Cami this new dog. She hasn't let it go since. I asked her if she was ready for "night night" last night and she said "No" of course but headed back to her bedroom without Pluto. I said, "don't you want Pluto." She said "No but I went and got him anyway. She ended up sleeping with Pluto last night but this morning after we finished getting dressed she grabbed the new dog. Hum... Pluto destiny to be determine.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Scott and Cami outside the Newport Aquarium in Northern KY
She was giving this little frog a kiss

Here she is checking out the snakes

She thought it was soo cool because one of the big pythons moved
I think they are checking out a turtle

After the aquarium we went to the Hofbrauhous. It's an awesome German brewery.

Boy, she was awful thirsty! Does anyone else think she looks like Elton John?

After the brewery, we went to have a scoop at Graeters. I think you can only find these ice cream shops in Ohio and Kentucky. I thought she was looking at the camera but she had other things on her mind. This is one satisfied customer. This was a great Saturday. Scott looked at me on the way home and said "I'm really happy." I think that was the best part of the day.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Week updates

Sorry for the lack in posts. I have been extremely busy with home and work.

Ok, so last Friday we took Cami to Boyds Orchard. It was fun. She really enjoyed the tunnels. Scott said she looks like a little gerbil, (such a sweet daddy) and then we were going to get a pumpkin but Cami went to the bathroom and well... I'm not changing a dirty diaper on a picnic table or port-a-potty so we went to Scott's parents who live down the road. We still have to get a pumpkin!

My dad and I went out to WEG on Thursday. It was a beautiful day in the bluegrass. We rode the bus out to the horsepark and we both said that we think it was our first time on public transportation.. at least in Lexington. WEG is a great experience but the best part was having alone time with my dad. We always have other people around or Cami gets all of the attention. It was good to be my dads girl for the day.

We are off to the aquarium on Saturday. Scott's birthday (I didn't post about it because he hates this blog) was Wednesday and he said he really wanted to take Cami to the aquarium for his birthday celebration. Sweet Daddy, huh?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

18-month check up

Cami had her 18 month check up this afternoon. She is still 25 pounds which is the same as her 16 month check up but she is now 34.75 inches long. That is 1.75 inches in 2 months! She is in the 99.16% in height for her age. She is in the 12% for her weight to height ratio. This means she is long and lean but I've got to tell you... she still has her some thighs. I told her the other day that God needs to help her legs grow otherwise she is going to be cursed with the Ruff thighs. (Ruff is my mom side of the family) The only thing worse than Ruff thighs is the Ruff nose. I've been blessed to have both! Other than that Cami is as fit as a fiddle. Dr. Waddles said that in the next month or so Cami should have a "word explosion" and that she should be able to clearly repeat about anything we say. Looks like I'm going to have to clean up my mouth... this is another Ruff trait!

Monday, October 4, 2010

It's about Me

Ok, so this post is not about Cami but about ME! At the start of Sept. I went on a little diet. My goal was to drop 20 pounds (I don't know what I was smokin either) but I'm happy to say that as of this a.m. I'm down 12 pounds. So, I'm putting it in writing that I'm going to loose 10 pounds by Nov. 1st.

Cami has school pictures today. I didn't grab a picture of her this morning because she woke up at 5 and was a pill ever since. You would think I was committing mass murder at my house but all I was doing was putting on a pair of tights. Once they were finally on, she looked at me, hugged me and ran off. What up with that?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Need a haircut

Cami was scheduled for her first haircut last night but at the last minute my hair lady had to cancel because she became sick. I think Scott was happy because I got two calls from him yesterday telling me to cancel. He doesn't want "Her curls cut off." But folks, Cami only has curls after freshly washed hair. We bath her at night and by the time she wakes up in the a.m. I have this crazy mess below:

I noticed a couple of weeks ago that it is starting to tangle. When I brush her hair in the mornings I usually get a crunched up face and an "ohhhh". So, it's time for just a tiny snip to help out. Plus, all that I can really do with it any more is give her a "pebbles" or pigtails. Both are usually ripped out by the time I get her from daycare.

So, this weekend we may have to do a walk-in at cookie cutters. You know if I had a boy I could of just shaved his head and been done with it. This work with the hair is so my sisters department. :) Have a great weekend Y'all!