Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baby Dedication

Camille Madison was dedicated at church on Sunday. We go to a very large church (10,000+) so they only do dedications 1 time a year. The past two years we have been out of town for one reason or the other but this year we made it!

All day long Cami kept telling me she was having a Jesus party. It was really cute. Anyone with a dark beard is Jesus to her now a days. A couple of weeks ago we were playing cards at the cabin and she looked at the cards in my hand and pointed to the King and said Jesus. :)

I'm happy that Scott and I have decided to bring Cami up in the church. It's another set of values outside of the home that will go a long way in her life. Camille is a blessing to our entire family. Thank you for everyone who came to celebrate Cami's day.

Friday, May 13, 2011

What happans at Nanny's...

I was off last weekend enjoying the Derby at Keeneland (so fun!) to celebrate Laura's birthday. Happy 30 Laura Camic!! And Scott stayed home to clean house, do the laundry etc. for me for mothers day. He sent to baby (I'll always call her my baby) to his moms because cleaning house with a "stage 5 clinger" is hard to do. So, here are some pictures my sister-in-law sent me. These are tame... you should see the ones with finger paint all and I mean all over her!

Cami gets dedicated on Sunday afternoon and then a family dinner after!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Congrats Daddy!

Congrats to Scott on his new promotion! He is now the Facilities Manager of St. Joseph Hospitals. So, what does this mean? Scott was the Facilities Supervisor along with 8 other supervisors in his department. Now his is the boss of all the supervisors. St. Joe is putting Scott on the fast track so now he has to get an associates degree in Engineering. So, for the next 2-years he will be working full time and going to school.

We are so proud of Scott and are thankful for everything he does to provide a better life for Cami and I. We are luck to have him and hope he feels the same.

Monday, May 2, 2011


It's prom session! On Saturday we went and took pictures of our niece Jenna going to prom. First off, these kids don't look 16! Jenna's date was like 6"4! I look back and remember that I met Scott's family for the first time at Jenna's 8th birthday party. She has grown into a beautiful girl. She gets great grades, is an extremely good soccer player and is active in her church.

We love you Jenna and hope you had an amazing night!