Wednesday, June 29, 2011

family weekend

I still keep in touch with several girls from High School and we always try to get together at least once a year for girls weekend. Since some of us have started having kids we had a family weekend a couple of years ago. This past weekend we had another family weekend and it was fun to see the kids run around with each other. I can't remember which one of the girls I told but I said can you imagine what it's going to be like 3 years from now with all of these will be wild!

We missed seeing Jessica and her family. A stomach bug took them out for the weekend. Hopefully, I'll get to meet baby Baker who is really no longer a baby!

Here is my favorite picture of the weekend. It's not the girls group shot which I love and someone needs to send to me but the one of Cami sitting in her "hot tub" This girl is so spoiled that Nana brought her a bucket of hot water for her to sit in and warm up from swimming in the lake. (side note: Cami jumped off the dock right into my arms this weekend... so big!)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Daddy at work?

Scott has been working a lot lately. I mean pretty much every weekend the last 3 weekends with really no end in site. He gets home at 9-10pm and it off to work the next morning at 5:30am. Not gets up at 5:30- leaves the house at 5:30. We know that one day all of his work will pay off as he climbs the latter at the hospital.

But with all that work we haven't been seeing much of our man lately. We have been missing him a lot at home and I know he has been missing us. Last night he called me at 5:00 and said I've got to take a mental break. I'm picking up Cami and we are going to Ghatti town (like Chucky Cheese but has a nice salad bar) Anyway, I met up with them at G-town and had a nice family night. Cami also had a new Woody & Bullseye toy (Daddy Guilt!) and was very excited.

I'm sorry to say that Scott will be working all weekend. Hopefully, he'll at least be able to squeeze in a breakfast together on Sunday. Happy Father's day Scott. We love you!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dora Detox

Remember I mentioned a Dora Detox? It was after the Dora birthday party with more Dora gift than known to man. Well.. slowly but surly Dora has been getting less "play" time out our house. Some of her new favorites are Curious George, Clifford the Big Red Dog and Blues Clues! I don't care about all of the toys that have Dora on them but that cartoon is dreadful!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

new likes for Cami

Cami doesn't have many things that she doesn't like besides Veggies and Handy Manny but she is picking up some new things she likes that I think are great.

She has always loved berries. The girl will eat her weight in berries. On Wed we go out to the farm so she LOVES Farmer Erik's strawberries the most. She likes the chickens, dogs but she's a little afraid of cats.

She now likes Cinderella. She will watch the first 60 minutes of the show or when "Cindy-relley" gets to go to the ball. After she gets to the ball she usually is done and off to play with something else. I finally figured out that that is when the mice and other animals are not in it that much. I think I'm going to buy her Bambi DVD and see how it goes over. The Bowman's have a baby deer that has been hanging around their house and she has seen it. I think Bambi will become a LIKE real soon.

She likes for you to tell her how pretty she looks. She'll spin around in a dress or turn her head this way or that way.

She is really fun. She is her own little person with ideas and Lord knows she has opinions. We are going through the stage of "Where's Daddy, Where's Nanny etc" She wants to know Where someone is at all times. It's kind of exhausting after the 300 time of telling her that Emily from the pool went home but it just makes me have to come up with creative ways to get her mind on to something else.

Monday, June 6, 2011

You know your "Country" when...

You know your country when you spend an afternoon in the backyard in only your panties.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Still here

Mutt and Jeff

Hi! Long time, no blog. :)

I can't really remember what has happen since the baby dedication. We went up to the cabin for Memorial Day which is always fun. Cooper and Cami had nanna bring them hot water for the baby pool (lake was freezing) and I think Cami went down the slide into the pool 100 times. Cooper showed Cami how to go down belly first and backwards. So, needless to say we had to keep an eye on those two. Cooper and Cami crazy. Cami so badly wants Cooper to play with her all day but he gets a little bored of her little girl ways. But he's a good sport and will usually play with her some. Gray is her little cuddle buddy. Grayson is also her "protector" from bugs, holding her hand down the stairs and making sure she's not too close to the edge of the dock.

This week has been pretty full. We went out to the Farm on Wednesday to pick up our CSA veggies. Farmer Erik showed Cami how to pick strawberries that were so juicy I had to use a bottle of sprayNwash on her entire shirt when we got home. She also got to pet, Good Boy, the farm dog and she looked at, blackberry, the cat. She got to ride on trackers, play basketball and feed the chickens. So, it was a fun afternoon. Oh and mommy scored some yummy veggies and herbs. Laura and Cami at Laura's 8th grade graduation

Last night we went to Laura Bird's 8th grade graduation. Yes, I took a 2 year old to a hour and a half graduation ceremony where she had to sit in the stands. She actually did really well. I told her to be as quiet as a mouse and the entire graduation she as looking for that mouse. Too cute!
Laura and Jenna Bird

Tonight we are heading to Dane Camic's 2nd Birthday party. Dane is one of Cami's BFFs and he is having a pizza and cupcake Thomas the Train Birthday party. I'm sure she will be worn out after the week she has had and I will be happy to let her sleep in!

So to start the weekend off right... a little surprise McDonalds Breakfast for Cami. :)