Monday, November 28, 2011

gingerbread house

We had a nice long weekend. Thank you to my sister-in-law, Mary Bird, for hosting Thanksgiving. It was great to be a guest this year!

We got all of our Christmas put up. Scott and I thought about shipping Cami off to the in-laws when we put up Christmas but I'm glad we didn't. She liked putting "decorations" on the tree but was so very impressed with the Christmas Village. She would go and get each box and when we would open it she would say, "oh my goodness, its beautiful!"

We attempted to make a gingerbread house. It is looking a little sad this year but Cami did it pretty much all on her own. I remember last year that Cami sat at the table and watched as I put it together. I got the sides and roof and then helped her squirt out the frosting on top and there you have it. She was very pleased with it.

A new thing that Cami is into is hot chocolate. She is request it all the time and it can't be some hot coco mix. She likes the real deal on the stove etc. Good thing for her momma likes it too!

We watched Elf on the Shelf this weekend. Cami is a total believer in the Elf on the Shelf. Our Elf name is George. She wanted to name it Curious George and I said how about "just George." We even had to wave goodbye then she said to him, "I tell you tonight about being a good girl at school and then he could tell Santa, OK?"

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

upgraded tree

Last year Cami had just a little tree in her room. Scott decided she needed an upgrade! We are also going to be in the poor house if he doesn't stop buying Disney ornaments.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hair cut

Can you believe how long her hair is getting! It was past time for a trim!

For those of you who have boys your going to roll your eyes because you have to get haircuts all the time but old Cami Cakes just got her second haircut this weekend. She did really well and sat like a good girl. The boy next to her cried the whole time but Cami sat there and would put her head down when asked or look straight ahead. I'm sure it helped that Max and Ruby were playing on the TV in front of her.

Scott wanted to cut her hair into a style but I'm not ready for a "real" hair cut. For now, I'm happy with a trim and letting her have long hair. Maybe when she is 5 I'll get her a style. I already hate doing hair as is!

Friday, November 18, 2011


I've told many of you the story of Cami's Harmonica happens but she just keeps cracking me up with the thing. First off... let me tell those who don't know her harmonica church story.

I dropped Cami off at Sunday School last Sunday and when I went into her class to pick her up I noticed when she was walking over with something blue in her boot. She whipped it out and it was her blue harmonica (we have 3). I said, "Cami, you sneak, did you bring your harmonica to church." The class helper guy said, "Yes, when when all the kids set down to read our bible story book she got out her harmonica and started playing it for all of us." My eyeballs jetted out some at this. He said, "I just told her it wasn't time for that and she smiled and put it back in her boot."

So over the last week I've caught her with the harmonica in her boot or she'll come around the corner playing it. One morning I got to listen to not one but two harmonicas the entire ride into work. Oh, you should also hear her try to say the word "Harmonica" it is not even close and it's so dang cute.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Final days of Fall

This weekend we got to spend lots of time outside. Sunday we met up with our friends, Laura & Dane Camic and Kristyn and Allie Disponette at the park. The kids had a great time and I really love spending time with Laura and Kristyn. Laughter comes easy with these two and our kids play well with each other. Cami has the best of both worlds. I girly, girl with Allie and an ALL BOY with Dane. And I have two great friends that I can share anything with.

Taking a break to have some brownies, playing is hard work!

Don't let this girl fool you, she was up at the top of the tree. She's a Monkey!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cute kid

My Cami really is a cute kid and it's got nothing to do with her looks.

She is just so special to me. Last night I came in and she said, "I like your necklace." I said, "Thanks these are called Pearls." She said, "I like your 'peeruls' you give them to me when I grow up?" Its just little things like that that melt my heart on a daily basis. Things that crack me up are when she tries to sing a song and doesn't know the words she just keeps on singing or when she is watching a show and she is the only one in the room she'll still belly laugh and then run and tell you what was so funny. She is very curious and full of wonder. She loves the outdoors and isn't afraid to get messy. She can remember everything you tell her and is afraid of being put on Santa's naughty list.

She's my girl and I'm missing her on this random Tuesday at my desk.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A "Fairy" good Halloween

She looked in the pumpkin and said "look at all the rocks inside". Then Scott went into great detail about pumpkin seeds and she thought it was nasty that you would eat the seeds.
"Ok, daddy I want a screaming face, no a scary face, no no a happy face"
She forgot all about the pumpkin when I let her have the marker!
Getting ready to trick or treat with her main man, Dane Camic!

Halloween was great this year. A big old thank you to the Camic's for having us over. Just might have to make it an annual event!! (no pressure Laura)