Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Emersyn's 4-month photos

I can't share them all but here are a couple of my favorites...

                                                 And a sneak peak at Christmas!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy Birthday

For the first time in I can't even remember I haven't baked gingersnaps. You see, I always make 6 dozen gingersnaps for my dad on his birthday.  He also would receive 6 dozen from Lindsay.  Then he would sit and compare how we stacked up to each other.  He would always tell me mine were the best and I suspect he would tell Lindsay the same.  It was our little thing that we did for him.  My sister and I would complain to each other about when we were going to find the time to make those cookies and how if you didn't give him exactly 72 cookies he would know.  But we always did it- never missed a year.  But I refuse to be sad today.  He would be like "get over it already" lets go get a hot dog combo at Sams club. (hey- if you know my dad its $1.80 combo best deal in town) So, Tom Tom I don't know if I'll ever be over it but I'll keep my chin up.  Love and Miss you!  Happy Birthday Dad!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mid-Nov What!!!

I'm not really sure how the middle of Nov. is sneaking up on me.  I feel like just keeping up with it all by my fingernails.

So, what have we been up to the past couple of weeks:

Cami and I voted on Nov. 6th together.  She wanted Obama to win and told me she was going to cry in her bed all night if "that guy" didn't win.  Although, she hasn't asked me since about the election. I do believe her daddy cried in his bed all night long because "that guy" did win. :)

Emmy girl got her first ear infection at 3 months old!  I have no words.  Can anyone guess where this road is leading us.  I think I'll be seeing ENT soon!!

Took the girls, Tommie and Angela to Shaker Village this past weekend. Beautiful day to be outside. All Cami wanted to do was ride the carriage.  $6 well spent and I learned more about the Shakers, traditional KY stone fence making and got to see some barn animals.

Went on a date with my mom to a party Saturday night.  I had one more bourbon than I should of but ya got to do what ya got to do at a party.

 Still loving Gymnastics and saying "Ta da" after every move... every time!  Thursday nights are crazy for me to rush home from work, rush to gym, rush home to do bath and bed but Cami Cakes thinks its great so there you have it.
 At Kylie's 4th Birthday party.  Kylie (in pink) and Ava are Cami's best friends
                            And here she is looking a little too old for me. 

                                 And my sweet Emersyn.  She is our LOVE. 

Friday, November 2, 2012


We had a little get together Halloween night so I didn't take a lot of pictures. Hopefully, those who came will send them to me.

Cami had a great time.  I think she might of liked handing out the candy to other kids the most.  Emmy slept through most of it.

 Cami was super girl.  Although she got a cat mask at school so she wanted to wear that too.  I guess she is Super Cat Girl.
My sweet Emmy is in a recycled custom of Cami's.  I hate to say I think this will be a trend.  But here is one of the shots that she is actually awake in.  Cami though Emmy's outfit was great because she dressed up like Daniel Tiger for Daniel Tigers Neighborhood. Ok... she was just a tiger but if that is what makes Cami happy then we'll go with it. :)

Friday, October 26, 2012


This was a busy week.  I had my first work trip to Bowling Green, KY for 3 days, 2 night.  Yes so very exciting.  But it was great to see my clients/friends.  They are all so different in personality and it's fun to just hang with young, old, gay, straight mix of people. And they are all adults...well most of the time. 

Cami and Emmy did well while I was away and a BIG THANK YOU to Tommie for taking care of the girls!!

In Cami News: Cami started Gymnastics this week.  She LOVES it!  I was nervous but she jumped right in there and went to work.  I can tell that she is not a natural at Gymnastics- that she is going to have to work for it- but the good thing I noticed last night is that she didn't get discouraged and keep trying.  This is good for so many reasons!   I think she is also excited about Gymnastics because I told her this weekend that I would buy her some outfits for gym like the other girls have if she liked the class.  Scott picked up a leotard at the gymnastics place last night and it was $58!  Umm... they better have this stuff at Target!

In Emmy News:  She is really starting to giggle and have her own little personality.  She likes to scream out, just to scream out.  Just a couple little yells and she's done. Like she is testing her voice or something.  She is still such a doll baby and so very good.  Not crying unless I'm late on bottle time, sleeping through the night and all around happy girl.  We all just love our little baby so much!  Cami calls her Em, I call her Butter Bean, Scott calls her Emmy and I do believe Tommie called her Chubs the other day.  No one is using Emerysn but I think that I'll be using that one the most just like I do with Camille.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

"getting work done"

When I say, "Can you take the kids out so I can get some work done around here."  This means I need to catch up on laundry, clean house, organize, pay bills etc.

When it's said by my husband, he means so I can do a project that doesn't need done at all but that he think is fun. 

So, last weekend I took the girls out for the afternoon so he could get "some things done around the house" and came home to this:
I'm not sure why we need this or if we will truly ever use it but I've got one.  And... yes my house was uncleaned, unorganized, bills unpaid and laundry piled up.  Husbands, God Love 'em.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Don't leave your phone unattended

Snapped a cute shot of the girls, then went off to clean up the bathroom after bath time and to get everything ready for bedtime.  (Or as Cami like to call it bednight) After getting both the girls off to bed, I went to show Scott the cute picture of the two of them and came across these:

Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend update

This past weekend was Scott's birthday.  We went to have sushi and then went to Sams club, Kmart and Trader Joes.  Lindsay said you can tell you are parents when you choose to shop instead of seeing a movie.  Oh well, Happy 33 Birthday Honey! 

A couple of observations from this weekend:

                               Cami needs a hair cut. She has only had 3 in her lifetime!
 Scott ripped up all of the dead grass (thanks previous owners) and sodded this weekend.  We still have to paint the shutters but the outside of our house is really looking nice.

 Our stockings from Potter Barn kids came this weekend.  I've been wanting to order these stockings since Cami was born but knew that we would have another addition to our family so I held off.  They are SO very cute!
 And finally, Cami always wants to match Emmy.  She was beyond excited when I pulled out these PJs.  Emmy... not so much!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Cami's Summer

Besides becoming a big sister Cami has had a pretty eventful summer!  We moved into a new house and she got her bright pink room, plus 2 playrooms and a swing set. 

She also had lots of home time with Emmy and Me.  She average 2 days (10am-4pm) a week at daycare while I was on maternity leave. 

Cami had a mommy/daddy day at the state fair which she loved riding all the rides!  We also went to the Midway festival and rode a pony!

She also got to go to the cabin with Emmy, Nana and Mommy for a little mini-vacation

We had our tonsils and adnoids removed and are doing great.  Lots of new toys, games and icecream for a week or so.

We did the Light the Night walk in my dads name.  (thank you everyone who donated we doubled our goal amount raised which would blow my dad away that so many people care enough to show their support)

                                                                The Bowman Family

Loved the Fair!  She discovered Bluegrass music and that is what she requests when she wants to dance now!

 Before the surgery.  She did great!  Hasn't been on Allergy medicine in 3 weeks!

                                                   Midway Fall Festival Pony ride. 

I found myself folding laundry to a very quite house. This is not too odd for us but I didn't exactly know where Cami was so I went looking.  I found her in my bathroom.  When she looked at me she said, "I'm sorry momma, I may have gone a little crazy." 
At Light the Night.  Lots of fun things to do for the kids and a great family night to remember how much we love and miss my dad. 

And Finally, she got a NEW VAN to watch her shows and is loving it. (mom too)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Emersyn Lee Bowman

Emersyn Lee Bowman arrive right on schedule, July 27 2012.  We had no problems (except a little Jaundice) and couldnt be more thankful for our little "butter bean".  She was 8 pounds, 11 oz and 20 inches. 

So, far she is a VERY easy baby.  Just eating and sleeping.  She eats every three hours.  She has been going 5-6 hours at night but eats and goes right back to bed. That's great for her but I lay awake after I feed her for hours trying to go back to sleep.  My goal is to get her to sleep from 9pm-6am sometime soon!!

Well, since pictures say a 1,000 words here is my little Emmy girl.
                          Emmy first day.  So happy to have her complete our family!
 She had some hair when she was born and it was dirty blonde.  Most has fallen out and it is darker now
 She is having a little time in the tanning bed before we got to go home. 

 Emmy is MUCH smaller than Cami at this age. Although her face is "plump" she is actually a pretty skinny baby... so far

Learning to smile!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hi- remember me

Hi.  I'm back!

I didn't blog on maternity leave.  Yes, you would think that I would have more then enough time but in reality-not so much.  Lots of things were on my to do list while I was off work (kind of off work- I was in the office at least once a week starting 7 days after having Emmy). 

But now that I'm sitting in front of a computer 8 hours a day I plan to update the blog.  Hopefully, I can get on my pictures organized this week and catch you all up.  But for now, here is a link to Emmys newborn pictures. 

FYI- We love Emmy!  Such a good baby.  Her nickname is "Emmy Girl" and "Butter Bean" But more on that to come.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

First thing I've bought for Emmy... seriously!

So, last night I had to pick up a couple of things for the hospital.  Since we know we are having a girl and with the gifts everyone has already given us I haven't bought one thing for Emmy.  Seriously! At least not that I can remember.  So, I got her some new gowns, NB socks, and some slippers (or house shoes as Cami would say).  I showed Cami Emmy's new stuff and she said in this little voice, "Ahh... how cute"  Cami and I packed Emmy's bag last night and she couldn't stop saying, "Ahh.. how cute" 

Cami is also being spoiled this week.  Here she is enjoying some strawberry shortcake dessert.  (yes she was tilting the bowl up to get the last drop) She asked me if it was junk food and I said not really but you shouldn't have it all the time. She said, "Oh, cause I sure like junk food." 

Monday, July 23, 2012

T minus 4 days

Can you believe it?  I feel like this is my 100 month of pregnancy and I've only got 4 days left.  I'm feeling large, I mean its sad when you can't wait to go on a diet. (please remind me of this in two weeks)

The house is somewhat ready.  A big thanks to my mom who came over on Friday night and just started cleaning and putting stuff away!  Also thanks to Tommie who got Cami's room put back together.  And thanks to Laura for helping me get Emmy's room together.  

Still lots to do like order curtains, organize the playroom, give the house a once more cleaning and oh yea PACK OUR BAGS for the hospital. :)

I've got a list a mile long of things that I want done to the house while I'm on maternity leave like new blinds, new bathroom fixtures etc.  Scott's going to be a busy boy! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

A gift for Emmy.... not so much

On Saturday Cami and I ventured to the Mall to Build-A-Bear.  We went to make a bear to give to Emmy when she is born in 11 days!  Cami was all about this idea.  We got to Build-A-Bear (we've never been-this may of been the downfall) she picked out a horse for Emmy.  The women who made the bear was very good.  She was very animated about putting the heart in and all that jazz.  Cami was eating it up.  Afterwards she gave it a "air bath" and they put hair bows on the horse. 

So, she was very excited about the horse.  She did so well, I thought she needed something special for herself so we went and got a new Sleeping Beauty nightgown and slippers at the Disney store.

Well... when we got home she wanted to show daddy her new horse.  I said," Now Cami that's Emmy horse so we can't play with it."  She said, "I'm not playing with it momma, I'm just snuggling and cuddling it."  Needless to say, she has been dragging that horse around and she told me last night "She just wants to keep it awhile." 

People.... I've got problems coming my way!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Breakfast of Champions

You know your pregnant  in 100+ heat when you give Nutella for breakfast on whole wheat toast and a glass of milk and say, "There you go."  It's like dessert for breakfast.  Cami calls it "tella" and every time she has it acts likes its her first time eating it. 

The house is coming along.  Sometimes I think we are being really slow but this past weekend was our second full weekend in the house so not too bad for being so large and it being so hot.  We have had many of pool evenings instead of working around the house. 

Emersyns room is how should I put this.... not even close to being finished!  We have the painter coming on Monday 16th to paint the whole house.  After that we have to be in speedy mood to get her room together, pack the hospital bags and all the other things that I can't remember I need to do.  So, little girl CAN NOT COME EARLY.  I need every minute of every day!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Story of Pay Back

My sister wrote a blog post last week that had me crying at my desk.  For those who can't see her private blog I've posted it below. 

A story

This weekend we helped my sister move into what she is calling her "forever house".  It's a great house, and I can't help imagine her raising her girls there.

Uncle Chad spent all day on Saturday putting together a swing set that Nana got for Cami & Emmy.  (Nana and Papaw got the Crazies their swing set 7 years ago, and they've about worn it down to wooden toothpicks---just kidding, but it has been seriously used!)    Anyway, back to Uncle Chad.  He was putting some of the finishing touches on it on Saturday evening around 7 pm.  That means.....swing time!

Cami &  Cooper got on the glider and started gliding.  You know what I'm talking about.....Now the gliders are usually green and yellow.  You sit back to back, facing out, and push with feet when you go out and pull back with your hands when you go the other way.

Well....if you are my age...uhnuh...(no comments, please) you will remember the old gliders on the METAL swing-sets of old.  On those gliders you use to sit facing your friend while you glided.  We had a metal swing set growing up and one of these gliders.  My sister loved to glide.  (I think it was because she couldn't swing on her own....said with love of course)

Anyway, she would swing for hours on this glider....all by herself if no one was around.  This weekend when Cami got on that glider for the first time, I saw my baby sister sitting on that old metal glider in our childhood home.  Smile on her face, hair messy and flowing in the air she created from swinging back and forth.  And I thought about my dad.

I thought, if only my dad were here to see this little girl that looks so much like her mama doing the exact same thing that Stacey did thirty years ago.  If only he were here he would tell the story that we had heard so many times over the years.  He would of said, I remember Stacey swinging so high on that glider in our backyard when she was little.  Then that thing would come to a complete halt and she would start running for the back door to the house.  All of a sudden, she would slow down and the front of her little romper would turn dark as she peed her pants because she didn't stop that glider until the very last minute.

And then my dad would have laughed that little laugh that he had, when his shoulders would shake and no sound would come out.  That would have been his story....

The Story could not be more true.  On Sunday Cami was on the swing set, stopped said -"oh, gotta pee" then ran in the house.  I followed her in to find a pee trail to the bathroom and her coming out of the bathroom saying, " I might of had just a little accident."  I went into the bathroom and the entire floor is a puddle.  I said, "Did any make it into the toilet?"  She said with a straight face, "Not this time momma."   My dad would love this and say, "PAY BACKS A B!tch"

Friday, June 29, 2012

9 month pregnant!

Only 4 weeks to go until Emersyn  going to "pop" out.    SOOO much to do!  I plan to work on her bedroom this weekend but its kind of hard to do when it still needs to be painted.  It is currently UK blue.  Scott and I are going to look at furniture on Sunday.  We only have a kitchen table in our entire first floor since our other furniture didn't fit and is in the basement and we came from a house that didn't have a formal dining room or living room.    Hopefully, we can find something that can be delivered before Emmy gets here. 

Other than that... it's 105 degrees and I'm 9 months pregnant.  Yep, feel just "swell" 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lost in the Move

Camera.  Hum... does this mean I get to get a new one?
Also we lost the play sprinkler.  Cami asks me every day if we have found it.  Hum... off to fill out the neighborhood pool membership to compensate loss. 

Still boxes to unload but a lot was accomplished due to all the help we had.  Seriously could not of done this without our family and friends. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lil Swimmer

Last weekend Cami and I headed up to Louisville to spend some time with Lindsay and her family.  We went to Lindsay Country Club for several hours for swimming.  They have a great pool for little kids and Cami was all about it. 

If you ask Cami if she can swim she will look at you like you are crazy and say "Yes, I swim.:"  Well... she doesn't swim but she can hold her breath very well.  Which in my book is the first step.  She also knows to kick but that's is about it.  So, once we get settled in the new house (Closing this Friday-gulp!) maybe we can look into some classes at our neighborhood pool.

Big thanks to Grayson who played with Cami the whole time.  Gray has a huge heart and would do anything for anyone.  He always makes Cami feel like she is the best thing ever and I hope he never looses that quality about himself. 

Hopefully, the next time I post it will be about the new house!!!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We have a NAME!

I will no longer refer to my unborn child as baby girl.  We now have a name we have agreed on.

Emersyn or you can call her Emmy.  We still have to work on the middle name but I'm super excited to have accomplished this before our July 4th deadline.  Scott is in charge of the middle name since I worn him down and he finally accepted Emersyn.  He picked Cami's about a month out so he has a couple of weeks to come up with something. 

Big sigh of relief!  I think I'll go buy Emersyn something today to make it really official.  I'm sure Lindsay has her sewing machine primed and ready!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Baby Girl Bowman right on track

I've been out of town this week in Shreveport, LA for my final work trip until... dare I say I don't have another trip planned until Jan. 2013!  I have a feeling that I'll some how get a trip before then but as of right now that it was is on tap.

We had a "growth" ultrasound today.  Baby girl is right on track.  We got to see a 4D picture of her today and poor girl looks just like her daddy.  She is feet down right now but that is not a big deal since we are having the C-section.

Nothing planned this weekend except Dane Camic birthday party.  Happy 3rd Birthday Dane!  He is such a sweet boy and every time Cami leaves him she tells me how much she misses him. :)   Dane and Cami wont go to elementary school together but they will go to Jr. high and High School.  I think this is good because they need some separation before they start their "relationship." :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Our offer was accepted last night on a house in Copperfield.  This is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Lexington.  I can really see raising our girls in this house.  The house needs updating but its in a great location, the best schools and has an amazing yard.  With time and effort and don't forget $$, I think this house could become a real gem.

                        We are excited!  We close on June 22nd!  I know this one will work out. 
                                    (FYI- first major project is painting the shutters black!)