Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New House

Our offer was accepted today on a house!

Cami is really excited.  She asked me this morning if we could drive by the new house and I had to promise that we could do it on the way home tonight. 

One month from today we will be closing. We are going from a 1450 sqft home to a 3560 sqft home.  So much to do its crazy.  Setting up home inspections, mortgage stuff, insurance etc. takes up so much time and energy.  Preparing for a garage sale for next weekend which might not be good in my current state.  I'm ready to get rid of it all. :)  It's a stressful time for us but at least one decision has been made and we know that we have a home to move into!

Monday, April 23, 2012


I'm here. I'm about an eyelash away from a mental breakdown but still here. :)

We have found 2 houses that we like. They both have "issues" so we are trying to figure out which one will really be the right fit at the right price.

Our home inspection went really well. Just a couple of things here and there to fix and Scott has most of them finished. All that is left is the appraisal which we have today. I'm assuming it will appraise accordingly but you never know.

Cami went to her 3 year old check up last week. 68% for height and 82% weight. Dr. Waddles said that she has a healthy BMI so as long as Cami gets good amount of play everyday no need to worry about diet. Cami did really well on all of her physical test like jumping up and down, standing on one leg etc. Dr. W also said it was a good time to really start working on stranger danger with Cami. While at the doctor appointment Cami also had an ear infection in both ears and a sinus infection. She has a sinus infection about every 8 weeks and is on a 10-day medicine so really every 6 weeks. We are getting consult at an ENT about tonsils removal to see if this would help. Why not add a surgery to the list of things to do in the next couple of months!

The Lord will not give me more than I can handle but he sure will take it to the limit! :)

Monday, April 16, 2012


The house finally sold! After 8 months on the market today I walked out of my house with the beds unmade because I can!

The inspection is tomorrow so hopefully that will go well. Thankfully our house is only 7.5 years old so I don't expect them to find too much... but you never know. If all of that goes as planned I think it should be smooth sailing.

We have already been pre-approved for a loan, now we just have to find a house. I don't think we are going to have much luck on the side of town we want to live on to meet all requirements. It's going to be touch because Scott and I have VERY different tastes.

We have to be out by May 25th so here is to searching for the perfect house, packing and moving in the next 6 weeks all while I'm 6 months pregnant!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Break- Kind of

I had a work trip this week to Jackson, MS. Cami went to stay with Lindsay while I was away. Lindsay's boys are on Spring Break so she got some all day cousin time. If anyone knows Lindsay and her boys they do not sit around. They are go-go-go all the time. Cami tried to hang with the big boys but she is not ready to keep up just yet.

Cami feel asleep standing up while watching Cooper play video games. Also, Cami's new favorite words are Uncle Chad. Lindsay is no so happy about that one. :) Thanks Lindsay for taking care of Cami Cakes!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Baby Mango

I hate that I keep calling this "The Baby." Scott and I have not been discussing names. Every time I bring it up he says he is not in the mood. I would really like to get a name for The Baby so that people will stop giving me name suggestions. I haven't really minded up until about a week ago. Now, I'm just over it. Both Grandmothers like Catherine. I think its over used but I do like the nickname Rin. Catherine Bowman is a mouth full and we don't even have a middle. I don't think its going to end up on the birth certificate. Cami suggestion of Pinky is becoming better and better every day!

The baby is the size of a Mango this week. Still a quite little girl that sits very low. Not a whole lot of punching or kicking going on. Just a couple bumps throughout the day.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cats, Cats, Cats

Kentucky Wildcats National Champions!

Way to go to UK! Our town was a little crazy last night. When I drove into work ( I drive through campus) there was trash all over the place. They had to close down several streets because the crowds were too much. But I'm happy to report that people where our in droves cleaning up from the celebration. A person at worked complained about it and I said, we could be living in New Orleans and this would be just another Tuesday.

Leaving work at 4:30 today since there are an extra 10,000 people downtown right now at a Rally for the Cats!