Tuesday, July 24, 2012

First thing I've bought for Emmy... seriously!

So, last night I had to pick up a couple of things for the hospital.  Since we know we are having a girl and with the gifts everyone has already given us I haven't bought one thing for Emmy.  Seriously! At least not that I can remember.  So, I got her some new gowns, NB socks, and some slippers (or house shoes as Cami would say).  I showed Cami Emmy's new stuff and she said in this little voice, "Ahh... how cute"  Cami and I packed Emmy's bag last night and she couldn't stop saying, "Ahh.. how cute" 

Cami is also being spoiled this week.  Here she is enjoying some strawberry shortcake dessert.  (yes she was tilting the bowl up to get the last drop) She asked me if it was junk food and I said not really but you shouldn't have it all the time. She said, "Oh, cause I sure like junk food." 

Monday, July 23, 2012

T minus 4 days

Can you believe it?  I feel like this is my 100 month of pregnancy and I've only got 4 days left.  I'm feeling large, I mean its sad when you can't wait to go on a diet. (please remind me of this in two weeks)

The house is somewhat ready.  A big thanks to my mom who came over on Friday night and just started cleaning and putting stuff away!  Also thanks to Tommie who got Cami's room put back together.  And thanks to Laura for helping me get Emmy's room together.  

Still lots to do like order curtains, organize the playroom, give the house a once more cleaning and oh yea PACK OUR BAGS for the hospital. :)

I've got a list a mile long of things that I want done to the house while I'm on maternity leave like new blinds, new bathroom fixtures etc.  Scott's going to be a busy boy! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

A gift for Emmy.... not so much

On Saturday Cami and I ventured to the Mall to Build-A-Bear.  We went to make a bear to give to Emmy when she is born in 11 days!  Cami was all about this idea.  We got to Build-A-Bear (we've never been-this may of been the downfall) she picked out a horse for Emmy.  The women who made the bear was very good.  She was very animated about putting the heart in and all that jazz.  Cami was eating it up.  Afterwards she gave it a "air bath" and they put hair bows on the horse. 

So, she was very excited about the horse.  She did so well, I thought she needed something special for herself so we went and got a new Sleeping Beauty nightgown and slippers at the Disney store.

Well... when we got home she wanted to show daddy her new horse.  I said," Now Cami that's Emmy horse so we can't play with it."  She said, "I'm not playing with it momma, I'm just snuggling and cuddling it."  Needless to say, she has been dragging that horse around and she told me last night "She just wants to keep it awhile." 

People.... I've got problems coming my way!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Breakfast of Champions

You know your pregnant  in 100+ heat when you give Nutella for breakfast on whole wheat toast and a glass of milk and say, "There you go."  It's like dessert for breakfast.  Cami calls it "tella" and every time she has it acts likes its her first time eating it. 

The house is coming along.  Sometimes I think we are being really slow but this past weekend was our second full weekend in the house so not too bad for being so large and it being so hot.  We have had many of pool evenings instead of working around the house. 

Emersyns room is how should I put this.... not even close to being finished!  We have the painter coming on Monday 16th to paint the whole house.  After that we have to be in speedy mood to get her room together, pack the hospital bags and all the other things that I can't remember I need to do.  So, little girl CAN NOT COME EARLY.  I need every minute of every day!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Story of Pay Back

My sister wrote a blog post last week that had me crying at my desk.  For those who can't see her private blog I've posted it below. 

A story

This weekend we helped my sister move into what she is calling her "forever house".  It's a great house, and I can't help imagine her raising her girls there.

Uncle Chad spent all day on Saturday putting together a swing set that Nana got for Cami & Emmy.  (Nana and Papaw got the Crazies their swing set 7 years ago, and they've about worn it down to wooden toothpicks---just kidding, but it has been seriously used!)    Anyway, back to Uncle Chad.  He was putting some of the finishing touches on it on Saturday evening around 7 pm.  That means.....swing time!

Cami &  Cooper got on the glider and started gliding.  You know what I'm talking about.....Now the gliders are usually green and yellow.  You sit back to back, facing out, and push with feet when you go out and pull back with your hands when you go the other way.

Well....if you are my age...uhnuh...(no comments, please) you will remember the old gliders on the METAL swing-sets of old.  On those gliders you use to sit facing your friend while you glided.  We had a metal swing set growing up and one of these gliders.  My sister loved to glide.  (I think it was because she couldn't swing on her own....said with love of course)

Anyway, she would swing for hours on this glider....all by herself if no one was around.  This weekend when Cami got on that glider for the first time, I saw my baby sister sitting on that old metal glider in our childhood home.  Smile on her face, hair messy and flowing in the air she created from swinging back and forth.  And I thought about my dad.

I thought, if only my dad were here to see this little girl that looks so much like her mama doing the exact same thing that Stacey did thirty years ago.  If only he were here he would tell the story that we had heard so many times over the years.  He would of said, I remember Stacey swinging so high on that glider in our backyard when she was little.  Then that thing would come to a complete halt and she would start running for the back door to the house.  All of a sudden, she would slow down and the front of her little romper would turn dark as she peed her pants because she didn't stop that glider until the very last minute.

And then my dad would have laughed that little laugh that he had, when his shoulders would shake and no sound would come out.  That would have been his story....

The Story could not be more true.  On Sunday Cami was on the swing set, stopped said -"oh, gotta pee" then ran in the house.  I followed her in to find a pee trail to the bathroom and her coming out of the bathroom saying, " I might of had just a little accident."  I went into the bathroom and the entire floor is a puddle.  I said, "Did any make it into the toilet?"  She said with a straight face, "Not this time momma."   My dad would love this and say, "PAY BACKS A B!tch"