Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Emersyn Lee Bowman

Emersyn Lee Bowman arrive right on schedule, July 27 2012.  We had no problems (except a little Jaundice) and couldnt be more thankful for our little "butter bean".  She was 8 pounds, 11 oz and 20 inches. 

So, far she is a VERY easy baby.  Just eating and sleeping.  She eats every three hours.  She has been going 5-6 hours at night but eats and goes right back to bed. That's great for her but I lay awake after I feed her for hours trying to go back to sleep.  My goal is to get her to sleep from 9pm-6am sometime soon!!

Well, since pictures say a 1,000 words here is my little Emmy girl.
                          Emmy first day.  So happy to have her complete our family!
 She had some hair when she was born and it was dirty blonde.  Most has fallen out and it is darker now
 She is having a little time in the tanning bed before we got to go home. 

 Emmy is MUCH smaller than Cami at this age. Although her face is "plump" she is actually a pretty skinny baby... so far

Learning to smile!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hi- remember me

Hi.  I'm back!

I didn't blog on maternity leave.  Yes, you would think that I would have more then enough time but in reality-not so much.  Lots of things were on my to do list while I was off work (kind of off work- I was in the office at least once a week starting 7 days after having Emmy). 

But now that I'm sitting in front of a computer 8 hours a day I plan to update the blog.  Hopefully, I can get on my pictures organized this week and catch you all up.  But for now, here is a link to Emmys newborn pictures. 

FYI- We love Emmy!  Such a good baby.  Her nickname is "Emmy Girl" and "Butter Bean" But more on that to come.