Friday, October 26, 2012


This was a busy week.  I had my first work trip to Bowling Green, KY for 3 days, 2 night.  Yes so very exciting.  But it was great to see my clients/friends.  They are all so different in personality and it's fun to just hang with young, old, gay, straight mix of people. And they are all adults...well most of the time. 

Cami and Emmy did well while I was away and a BIG THANK YOU to Tommie for taking care of the girls!!

In Cami News: Cami started Gymnastics this week.  She LOVES it!  I was nervous but she jumped right in there and went to work.  I can tell that she is not a natural at Gymnastics- that she is going to have to work for it- but the good thing I noticed last night is that she didn't get discouraged and keep trying.  This is good for so many reasons!   I think she is also excited about Gymnastics because I told her this weekend that I would buy her some outfits for gym like the other girls have if she liked the class.  Scott picked up a leotard at the gymnastics place last night and it was $58!  Umm... they better have this stuff at Target!

In Emmy News:  She is really starting to giggle and have her own little personality.  She likes to scream out, just to scream out.  Just a couple little yells and she's done. Like she is testing her voice or something.  She is still such a doll baby and so very good.  Not crying unless I'm late on bottle time, sleeping through the night and all around happy girl.  We all just love our little baby so much!  Cami calls her Em, I call her Butter Bean, Scott calls her Emmy and I do believe Tommie called her Chubs the other day.  No one is using Emerysn but I think that I'll be using that one the most just like I do with Camille.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

"getting work done"

When I say, "Can you take the kids out so I can get some work done around here."  This means I need to catch up on laundry, clean house, organize, pay bills etc.

When it's said by my husband, he means so I can do a project that doesn't need done at all but that he think is fun. 

So, last weekend I took the girls out for the afternoon so he could get "some things done around the house" and came home to this:
I'm not sure why we need this or if we will truly ever use it but I've got one.  And... yes my house was uncleaned, unorganized, bills unpaid and laundry piled up.  Husbands, God Love 'em.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Don't leave your phone unattended

Snapped a cute shot of the girls, then went off to clean up the bathroom after bath time and to get everything ready for bedtime.  (Or as Cami like to call it bednight) After getting both the girls off to bed, I went to show Scott the cute picture of the two of them and came across these:

Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend update

This past weekend was Scott's birthday.  We went to have sushi and then went to Sams club, Kmart and Trader Joes.  Lindsay said you can tell you are parents when you choose to shop instead of seeing a movie.  Oh well, Happy 33 Birthday Honey! 

A couple of observations from this weekend:

                               Cami needs a hair cut. She has only had 3 in her lifetime!
 Scott ripped up all of the dead grass (thanks previous owners) and sodded this weekend.  We still have to paint the shutters but the outside of our house is really looking nice.

 Our stockings from Potter Barn kids came this weekend.  I've been wanting to order these stockings since Cami was born but knew that we would have another addition to our family so I held off.  They are SO very cute!
 And finally, Cami always wants to match Emmy.  She was beyond excited when I pulled out these PJs.  Emmy... not so much!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Cami's Summer

Besides becoming a big sister Cami has had a pretty eventful summer!  We moved into a new house and she got her bright pink room, plus 2 playrooms and a swing set. 

She also had lots of home time with Emmy and Me.  She average 2 days (10am-4pm) a week at daycare while I was on maternity leave. 

Cami had a mommy/daddy day at the state fair which she loved riding all the rides!  We also went to the Midway festival and rode a pony!

She also got to go to the cabin with Emmy, Nana and Mommy for a little mini-vacation

We had our tonsils and adnoids removed and are doing great.  Lots of new toys, games and icecream for a week or so.

We did the Light the Night walk in my dads name.  (thank you everyone who donated we doubled our goal amount raised which would blow my dad away that so many people care enough to show their support)

                                                                The Bowman Family

Loved the Fair!  She discovered Bluegrass music and that is what she requests when she wants to dance now!

 Before the surgery.  She did great!  Hasn't been on Allergy medicine in 3 weeks!

                                                   Midway Fall Festival Pony ride. 

I found myself folding laundry to a very quite house. This is not too odd for us but I didn't exactly know where Cami was so I went looking.  I found her in my bathroom.  When she looked at me she said, "I'm sorry momma, I may have gone a little crazy." 
At Light the Night.  Lots of fun things to do for the kids and a great family night to remember how much we love and miss my dad. 

And Finally, she got a NEW VAN to watch her shows and is loving it. (mom too)