Tuesday, January 29, 2013


In non-sick news, we broke out the wheels for Emmy!

Girl can't roll over but who needs to learn to do those baby tricks when she can come and get ya!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Sick, Sick, Sick

I went out of town on business to return to a sick household.  Both girls tested positive for RSV and Cami also tested positive for FLU.  Needless to say, it was a hell of a weekend.  I'm pretty proud of Scott and I.  We just put our heads down and tackled the problems. 

I don't say enough good things about Scott.  But this weekend I was sitting giving Emmy a breathing treatment and thinking that the girls and I are pretty lucky.  He steps up and will take care of the girls.  He doesn't complain, he does what is asked and pitches in like doing dishes or tossing in a load of laundry.  I know you are thinking- Yea he is the dad- but you know there are a lot of crappy dads and husbands out there.  There are a lot of guys who don't have any interaction with their kids or even are around or help pay for them.  So, just feeling blessed to have him.  I couldn't of managed this weekend without my Scott.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Both the girls started daycare this week.  Cami has had a long break (almost a month) without going to school.  I was nervous since she started a new school with Emmy if it would work out but I actually think she missed playing with other kids, learning, doing activities and have a routine.  

Emmy did fine at daycare.  She only has 3 other kids in her room so she gets a nice amount of attention.

The biggest hurdle is time management in the morning for me.  When the 5 am alarm goes off I REALLY can't over sleep.  If Emmy wakes up during my "getting ready" time it really tosses a wrench into the whole schedule.

For example, on Wednesday Emmy woke up early (5:45 am). So, this woke Cami up.  I really need them to stay in bed until 6:15 so that I can be ready, everything is pick up downstairs and all I have to do is dress and feed them to be out the door by 7:10.  So.... I fed Emmy real quick and tossed them both back in my bed to watch a show so I could finish drying my hair.  And yes, that is a cookie in Cami's hand.  I had to bribe her to watch Emmy and make sure she didn't fall of the bed.  Sometimes a mommies got to do what a mommies got to do!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Catching up from Christmas

We had a very nice Christmas.  Emmy slept through a lot of it but Cami was in heaven.  I personally got a new camera but I haven't sent it up to downloading the pictures yet so.... well ya... things kind of get push aside with two kiddos now.  :) So you are just going to have to settle for pictures from my phone. :)

The Jones sent Emmy this little outfit (thanks Jess, Bonnie and Rodney) and it's 9 month and it just fits.  Emmy just turn 5 months old and wears 9-12 months!   Got to love my chunky girl.  Look at those cheeks, so soft and kissable!

 Right before Christmas we had a little stop at the ER for Emmy.  We took her to the doctor because she had a little cough and didn't sound good.  She tested Negative for RSV but they put her on breathing treatments.  The next day poor girl was a sick as she could be.  We went to the ER for a couple of hours for a deep nose suck (mother out there it was awful to see baby girl go through this) but very much needed and she got to bags of fluids because she was dehydrated. She made a full recovery but she was pretty sick for a week.  This picture is after she had her first round of fluids and perked up a little bit.

Emmy has also started on rice cereal but she still likes to get a little milk drunk (see picture) off her bottle.  She gets a little sloppy in the evenings but hey who doesn't!  She is on cereal 2x a day but is going to start 3x a day this weekend.

Then it's on to veggies at the end of the month!  How is the time flying by?  I still can't even button my pants and she is already going to be 6 months old.

   I also wanted to give you all an updated picture of Emmy's thighs.  I won't be giving you an updated picture of mine!

We took Cami to the Galt House Hotel for their Christmas festival.  It was fun although Cami said her favorite part was the popcorn and the ice cream sandwich!  She did like the train and we had a sweet day with our big girl. 
My office had a  Christmas Kids Cookie Exchange. It went well and we came home with 4 dozen cookies.  I'm pretty sure I ate 3.5 dozen over the break myself.  Cami decided before we even went in that she was going to be a "little shy" and it took her awhile to come out of her shell.  But she was very good and gave Mr. Mac (boss man) and huge and said Merry Christmas at the end.