Wednesday, February 27, 2013

7-months of Emmy Love

My sweet Emmy girl.  You are 7 months old today and I can't remember life without your sweet face.  So, here are the top 7 things you've got going on baby girl.

1.) You love your big SISTER.  You are all eyes on her all the time. When you and Cami are away from each other she is the only thing you want to look at when I pick you girls up.  You sit up in your carseat and stick out your little head to get a better look at Big Sis.  So awesome!

2.) You are very LONG.  You fit into 12-18 month clothing just for the length. The arms, neck and torso are all too big but we have to have that size to fit your long, long body and legs and your big feet in your sleepers.

3.)  You CHEW on everything.  Everything goes in your mouth.  If you get something new, you don't look at it, you put it directly into your mouth.  Necklace, fingers, hair- it doesn't matter what momma has you've got to get it into that mouth.

4,)  You are a WALKER queen.  You can seriously move that walker.  Daddy has the bruises on his feet to prove it.  If you get stuck in a corner you will try hard to get yourself out but if you can't you just scream until someone comes and backs you out a little and then your off again.

5.)  You like to CHILL.  You'll sit on anyones lap and let anyone hold you.  Even Cami!!  You like to roll around on your playmate and are just now getting onto your belly.  It won't be long before you start to crawl.  You are getting your knees under you but don't have the strength in your arms just yet. 

6.)  You're GIGGLES are our families goal every night.  We all want to make you laugh because when you give us a good belly laugh everyone in the room lights up. 

7.)  You are my LOVE.  When its just us and I'm giving you your last bottle for the night you will look at me and hold my finger and make me melt.  When my day is long and all I want to do is escape responsibility you bring me back to why I'm so lucky to have what I have.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Work Trips

I've been on the road three times since Jan and I've got one more work trip coming up this Saturday.  To say that I'm over it is an understatement.  I am happy that this last conference is actually always my favorite.  It is a group of people from the Southern states that get together to sell trips to the South.  I have my Mississippi girls that are trying to teach me how to become a "real Mississippi" girl which means that you always have on fabulous shoes, are never seen without lipstick and always, always have a koozie in your purse for your beer.  So far, I've only got the koozie down but I'm working on the others.

                                            My Mississippi girl, Selah. She's from Natchez y'all.

                                                  Cami cakes meeting baby Quinn

While I was away last week on a business trip someone special was born.  My best friend Laura gave birth to Quinn Camic.  We went to see how everyone was coming along on Friday.  Cami has been so excited about Quinn.  She actually cried when I told her that Quinn was born but we had to wait to see her.  When we went over Cami wanted to hold Quinn a lot but also had some good old fashion playtime with Dane (her main squeeze).  We are so excited to watch Quinn grow up. I know she will have fabulous style and will be doing sleep overs at my house with hair and make-up being the main topics!  We love you already Quinny and you are always invited over if you need to have MAJOR girl time.