Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Cami Cakes!

Happy 4th Birthday to Camille!  

You are so much fun! You are becoming more independent but you are still so much our little girl.  Conversations with you blow me away.  The way you question things so that you completely understand is awesome.  You can remember every conversation you have ever had with anyone and if I ask you to remind me about something in a couple of days you always remember!  We love you, we love you, we love you.  Happy Birthday my sweet girl!

Below is her first, second and third birthday pictures.  I think she looks exactly the same!!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

All about Cami

 This weekend was all about Cami.  Sometimes, you just need to have an all about me weekend!

 After a day out with Nanny and Aunt Sissy she came home to Nutella Mousse Dessert that I made and she ate it before dinner.  Yep, that's right people I gave my kid dessert before dinner.  And guess what- She loves me the most!
 Above is a picture from Christmas time.  Its shows a great example of my flexible kids freak legs and what a mess her hair is daily.  So, we finally did it.  We go her a "real" hair cut this weekend and it looks totally fab!

 Then we went and got her ears pierced.  I thought she did a pretty great job.  Yes she cried for a little bit, well screamed, but after about 2 minutes we were down in the Disney store buying some new dress up shoes and all was forgotten.  Out of all of the earrings she picked diamonds.  She wanted these really huge diamonds but I told her we were going with the small ones. This girl is all about the flashy, flashy so I'm going to have to reel her in a little or I'm going to have a big DIVA on my hands. (Lindsay Leibundguth is reading this and said "you already do" under her breath)
And how could I not post this picture of Emmy.  I was asking her if she was going to fall asleep anytime soon and she said NOPE LADY- I'M UP UP UP UP UP!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Drivers ED

We need to send Camille to Drivers Ed.  I'm not sure if we should let Emmy ride with her from now on....

Emersyn's got bad ears.  Just like Camille, Emmy has had a lot of ear infections.  Today I took her to the dr and she had to get a shot.  Then we go back on Wed and Friday for shots those days as well to hopefully clear up this ear infection. (we are going on three weeks now!)  Next Tuesday is her appointment with the ENT.  It wouldn't surprise me if we didn't have tubes by the end of the month.

 I also think that Emmy is starting to look like Cooper.  Cooper looks like Dad so maybe Emmy will be more Weller than Bowman.  Only time will tell.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Daddy and Me date

Scott and Cami has some alone time this week.  He took her up to the Newport Aquarium for a Daddy and me date and Emmy and I stayed home for some Mommy and me time.  When they left the house I said, "Make sure you send me some pictures so I know your having fun."  And this is what I received~ Seriously Scott Bowman!!