Thursday, April 25, 2013

9-month check up

Emmy had her 9-month check up yesterday.  She is PERFECT.  She is in the 98% for height and 87% for weight.  She is doing everything a little almost 9-month old should be doing.

She is ALMOST crawling.  She gets up on those knees and rocks back and forth.  Any day now we are going to have to really child proof the house.  Gates, little toys, cabinet locks are all going to have to be put up.  I'm excited for her to be mobile but not all the extra work and worry that comes with it.

So, real quick 9 things you love....

1.) Puffs- you would eat your weight in puffs
2.) Tearing up the blinds.  It's you all time favorite
3.) Giving the stink eye.  I've got a zillion pictures to prove it
4.) Cami. Not sure why since you let her wrestle you to the ground, kiss, hug and scream in your face but for some reason you smile and laugh like there is no tomorrow when she goes nuts.
5.) Bath time.  You are really getting into bath time now.  You love the running water and you REALLY want to drink that bath water but momma is all over that like white on rice.  
6.) Swing.  You have this gasp for breath into a giggle when you swing.  It's awesome.  You love the wind on your face.  You'll turn your face into the wind and just smile like your REALLY feeling it and enjoying the sensation. 
7.) Playing with toys in a box.  You love having a box of toys next to you and picking one by one out so you can put them in your mouth for a good old licking and then off to the next one
8.) Blanket.  You love to roll and chew on blankets.  We have to be very careful because you like to put blankets over your face and wrap yourself up in them.
9.) ME.  You actually really love ME!  ME your momma.  Yes, you love Scott and all that but you LOVE ME THE MOST! 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Soccer Mom

Yes, I'm a Soccer mom and I secretly love it.  (no secret now)  I'm bringing snacks next week!  It's almost sad how many times I've thought about what I'm going to bring. 

Cami is an ALLSTAR of course!  As much as I'm not a fan of soccer and have zero idea what is going on I think she is the best. (Dane Camic is the best boy)  I think she might become really good at this sport.  Right now she is just in Kickstart which is practice to get familiar with the game, kicking, LISTENING TO YOUR COACH, etc.  She does really well with everything.  Aunt Lindsay bought her a new ball and goals for her birthday so we've been doing little mini games.  She doesn't like it when I take it away from her but we're working on not pouting and trying to get the ball back.  Hey, people she is only 4.  She's isn't as focused as Jackson Bixler but we are getting there! :)
                     (Team Knights~ minus 4 kids who didn't want to get their pictures taken)

 (Dane and Cami took their "individual" pictures together.  I think its the sweetest thing ever)

In other news, Cami is getting better at driving.  Although, I don't believe that Emmy thinks so.  Look at that stink-eye. I've been noticing a trend with Emmy.  She likes to give the stink-eye to anyone with a camera.  It's funny but I have tons of pictures with this kid looking grouchy all the time.  She really is a VERY HAPPY girl!

Monday, April 15, 2013

NYC trip

So, we went on a little trip to NYC.  Scott and the girls stayed home but the rest of the family hit the Big Apple hard.

It was moms first trip to NYC.  She saw her first Broadway show, walked all over the city, took a Harbor cruise,  bought some BLING and froze her butt off!

 Mom, Lindsay and I in front of the only surviving tree from ground zero.  The 9/11 memorial is a must see.  It's a feeling you can't put into words.  We all remembered exactly what we were doing when the planes hit and how to explain it to Gray and Cooper.  Just a must see in NYC.
                                                        So very cold in Time Square
Mom and the boys in line before we went to see Spiderman.  The boys LOVED it, the rest of us not so much!

 Mom and I before we saw Once.  We also saw Kinky Boots.  Both were great!  I loved that I got to do this with my mom.  It's something I'll never forget and hope to get to do with my girls.

Katz Deli.  OMG!  On the last night we were eating dessert a Juniors across the street from the hotel and we talked about our favorite moments from the trip.  Mine and Linds was the deli.  I think for a couple of reasons.  1.) It was Damn Good  2.) So happy to finally stop walking  3.)  Dad would of LOVE it right along with us.

But as great as NYC was it was just way too long to be away from my girls.  5 nights is too long to go without participating in their lives.  When I came home, bath time was sweeter and listening to Cami ramble on about everything that she did was music to my ears. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Birthday girl!

Cami had a great weekend! She is such a big girl.  Big thank you to Angela for helping put up the decorations the night before.  Scott said we over did it but I thought it was great. 

At Cami's party we made crowns, read books, did make up, jump on the tramp, had a dance party, colored a page, played pin the frog on Tina and finally ended up finding a glass slipper when we had cake.  (scavenger hunt party)  It was a beautiful day so the girls end up outside for the last 15-20 minutes of the party.  All in all I thought I did a pretty great job keeping 6 little girls entertained.  FYI- princess scavenger hunt with activities is a great idea.  (thank you google) 

Another big thank you is to Lindsay for being the party photographer and helper.  I also want to thank my mom for being there to help get the food out and cleaned up between parties.    We had a friend party from 2-4 then a family party from 5-9!

We also had a great Easter Sunday.  I took Cami to church (emmy was cracky, snotty and coughy so she stayed with Scott) with mom and mys BFF Sabrina.  It was the first time in a LONG time that Cami didn't have a fit and walked into Sunday School without problems.  When I picked her up from class she told me that she liked Church now and was done with having a fit.  Well... let's keep that up!

Last night we also put a STOP to Cami being able to crawl into our bed.  I only had to put her back in her bed twice last night.  It was very funny this morning when I walked out of my bedroom at around 6:45 to get Emmy that Cami was sitting in her doorway and looked up and said "can I come out now, it's morning time right!" So, let's hope we can break the middle of the night sneaking into my and dads bed routine!!
 Doesn't Cami look so cute!  She is just so pretty I could look at her all day.  Now me on the other hand...Eesh.  I know one day I'll look back on this picture and say, "God, look how young I look" but right now all I can focus on is the crows feet!