Monday, June 24, 2013

Big girl summer

 In case you are wondering, Cami is having a pretty great summer.  Above she had a date night with her main man, Dane Camic.  They started out having pizza, then off to sprinkler time in the yead with a frozen treat thrown in for good measure.  They ended the night with popcorn, brownies and a movie. (Happy Belated Birthday Dane.  We hope you had fun with us)

Then off to the cabin for "Girls Only Weekend."  Addie and Cami had themselves a ball at the cabin a couple of weekends ago  They did make-up, coloring, swimming, playing kitchen.  You name it!  They also both went Tubing by themselves and did totally great.  Bradi and I were more nervous then these two divas!  

Just a little sampling of the action her knees have been getting lately.  Dont worry, her elbows are getting equal treatment.

 And then we have Coopers Birthday this past weekend.  First off, Happy Birthday Cooper.  You totally Rock.  Second off, for a small party my sister did really great.  Cooper got to bring a friend the the cabin and that kid was pretty cool too.  I heard him say a couple of things like "Hey- can I get a sip of that beer?"  "Can we take a wizz in the lake?"  So, pretty much Coops right hand man for trouble.
They all went down the big slide, jumped off the boat house (minus Cami), tubing, swimming, they had make your own pizza, outdoor movie (see below),  had camo face paint, cupcakes and they got GUNS.  Cami was very into the guns.  "Girls rule, boys drool" and "Say Hello to my Little Friend" was some of her favorite sayings to the boys.   I love that she was up for all the "guy stuff" going on. 

 Can't have a post without little Em.  Here we are at the Boyds Orchard where we did some strawberry picking a couple of weekends ago.  Emmy didn't help at all- such a diva!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

We've been busy but not really- ya know!  I've been traveling so it seems like we've got a lot going on but not really.  We are enjoying just having fun.  I feel like all I do is work, clean etc. and I've really just started putting that on the back burning.  I'm tying a new motto, "what can ya do"  about pretty much everything now a days.  Dishes don't get done right away, the clothes are piling up, the floor hasn't been mopped in how long? "What can ya do"  Well, I've decided that I'd rather hang with these two chicks then worry about everything that isn't cleaned, organized or in tip top shape.    At least that is this weeks motto.... tune in next week because I could be in clean freak mode!