Monday, September 30, 2013


Camille is getting so big and full of spunk.  She is in pre-K 3 days a week at Daycare.  It's nice because the daycare has a pre-K program so the girls can still go to the same school. 

Camille, for the most part, is a very good girl.  She has pretty good manners and is a very good listener with teachers and coaches.  We have our fits and sassy moments but who doesn't with a 4-year old girl.  We are kind of between this little girl/big girl stage.  Sometimes she is so independent and others so shy and scared. 

I was walking with a friend of mine who has an older girl (9) the other day and she was telling me about playground stuff that is happening with her daughter.  I can't/dont want to do down this road.  I just want to live in our little bubble.  We are still into stuff animals, cartoons and just playing to play.   On Sunday, I had a lot of alone time with Camille.  We went and bought Halloween decorations and decorated the house.  (Mom did this for us and I've always remember it)  Then I took her to lunch and to play at a friends. When I asked her at bedtime her favorite part of the day she said, "Eating lunch with you mommy, your the best momma in the word - I love you sooo much.  And Emmy and Daddy too."  I know that little girl drama is on its way but for right now I'm just absorbing this time with her. 

I feel like I need to get a Parenting 101 because I think the REALLY HARD stuff is just around the corner!  I need to know how to show her that being independent is awesome. How to have self-love and not be upset with the image GOD gave us.  How to be kind-hearted and have empathy. And the list goes on and on!!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

the last 30 days

I'm a month behind on what is really happening in real time and what makes the blog. 

So, again here comes my life in pictures with captions~ enjoy!

Myrtle Beach Vacation August 2013
 We drove to MB from KY.  10 hour drive.  This is what Emmy looked like pretty much the whole time.  Cami didn't sleep but maybe 2 hours the entire time.  She watched a couple of movies but mostly wanted to listen to her music and look out the window.  Oh, she also ate about 15 pounds of food while looking out that window. 

 This was Emmy's first time at the beach.  Linds bought her a sand box for her Bday a couple of weeks before so I had her get in it a couple of times before vacation to get use to sand.  Well, that really didn't help her.  She ate sand and rubbed it in her eyes pretty much the entire vacation.
 Cami loved vacation. I had to force her on the beach in the morning until after lunch.  The hotel we stayed at had 4 huge water slides, countless pools, 4 lazy rivers, hot tubs, spray and bucket dumps. Plus the water was as warm as bath water.  I had to remind her we didn't have an ocean back home but she informed me we didn't have water slides at our pool. 
 The only picture on the beach together.  Yep folks, that is as good as it gets.
 Cami fed the giant fish at Barefoot landing. She also had a little ice cream treat while there.

 Emmy got the left over icecream cone from Scott.  She did not give it back.

 Emmy and Cami are pretty good with each other.  Emmy is learning to fight back... I mean play with Cami.
 We took the girls to Ripleys Aquarium.  They have a mermaid show and then you can take a picture with the mermaid.  Camille was spellbound and she said it was her most favorite part of vacation.  This is "Summer" and Cami wants to look EXACTLY like her for Halloween.
 We also went to Brookgreen Gardens. Its a great place and we really enjoyed walking around the grounds.  I'm super happy we went in the morning and it was overcast because when we left it was HOT, HOT, HOT!
 Being the best mom possible requires covering at least one of your children in sand....
          and dressing the other up like a Sheik
 Cami was so big on vacation.  She also got a hair wrap.  I'm not going to tell you what this cost me (gulp) or that she took it out two days later.  She loved it but hopefully never again!

 And yes, Emmy got all 5 hairs on her head braided with beads.  This was not my idea nor did I know it was happening until it was done.

Emmy update-
When we got home mom had a little surprise for Emmy.  She put up a gate to keep my problem child from going up the stairs.  When she first saw it she found this tennis racket and just set there and hit it over and over again.  She cries anytime someone is on the other side.  But the little monkey has figured out how to hit it just perfect (one hard tap, then two fast taps) and can pop it open. 

Also on vacation, SCOTT (it's always his fault) gave Emmy a paci.  She has never, ever, ever taken a paci.  Well, at 13-months guess who is addicted like its crack.  Yep!  So... I'm guilty too of giving it to her at night now.  But I foresee some serious fights in the future.

Camille update-

Cami is one busy chick.  She started Soccer this week.  She is serious about it and wants to be the best.  She is one of the youngest on the team so I've been practicing with her but hopefully she get better.  She also has gymnastics/dance on Thursdays.  She loves the dance part.  I find it VERY boring.  She is also going to Pre-K three days a week.  She likes being the big kid and wants a lunch box.  I'm starting to see signs of independence but she still is very much a mommy/daddy girl.  Scott and I are starting to look at her options for school next year.  Public or private.  I was hoping to redo my kitchen in a couple of years but if she goes into private it looks like I'll be waiting another.... 18 years!