Monday, September 30, 2013


Camille is getting so big and full of spunk.  She is in pre-K 3 days a week at Daycare.  It's nice because the daycare has a pre-K program so the girls can still go to the same school. 

Camille, for the most part, is a very good girl.  She has pretty good manners and is a very good listener with teachers and coaches.  We have our fits and sassy moments but who doesn't with a 4-year old girl.  We are kind of between this little girl/big girl stage.  Sometimes she is so independent and others so shy and scared. 

I was walking with a friend of mine who has an older girl (9) the other day and she was telling me about playground stuff that is happening with her daughter.  I can't/dont want to do down this road.  I just want to live in our little bubble.  We are still into stuff animals, cartoons and just playing to play.   On Sunday, I had a lot of alone time with Camille.  We went and bought Halloween decorations and decorated the house.  (Mom did this for us and I've always remember it)  Then I took her to lunch and to play at a friends. When I asked her at bedtime her favorite part of the day she said, "Eating lunch with you mommy, your the best momma in the word - I love you sooo much.  And Emmy and Daddy too."  I know that little girl drama is on its way but for right now I'm just absorbing this time with her. 

I feel like I need to get a Parenting 101 because I think the REALLY HARD stuff is just around the corner!  I need to know how to show her that being independent is awesome. How to have self-love and not be upset with the image GOD gave us.  How to be kind-hearted and have empathy. And the list goes on and on!!!

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