Wednesday, October 30, 2013

15-months of Emmy love

Emmy is 15-months old.  I can believe it and not believe it! I feel like she's always been with us but I also feel likes she is way too baby to be 15-months old.  The doctor asked me if I thought Emmy was at the same developmental stage as Cami was at this age.  I really, really couldn't answer.  I know that Emmy has a lot less hair, teeth (she only has 4!) and words than Cami did at this age.  But Emmy is way, way more active.  She's a climber, jumper, wrestler.  But she just is so petite, where Cami was well... a little bit of a solid, stalking thing.  Maybe that is why I see Emmy as baby or maybe she'll always just be my baby.   I say she is small but she is in the 98% for height and 70% for weight. 

As I mentioned, she'll climb anything even YOU!  She only really eats breakfast and then just kind of picks at food.  Eggs where her favorite but now she just tosses them into the air like party confetti when I try to give them to her.  She likes Mac and Cheese but I think that is starting to become old to her as well.  She'll eat just about any fruit or veg but will NOT EAT MEAT.  When I told the doctor he said, "well she does only have 4 teeth" but even when its small bits the girl will spit it out.

She loves her piglet and sleeps with her every night.  (sidenote- I think piglets a girl and Scott says its a boy.  Who's right? ).  She also has a little bit of a crack cocaine problem that is also known as a pacifier.  I'm not really sure how to handle this but all I know is that I'm completely doing it wrong.  I try not to give it to her but sometimes I'm over stressed, over worked and just plain OVER IT so I give in and give it to her.  Cami never had one so I'm kind of at a loss.  I'm going to be "one of those parents" that has a 5-year old with a pacifier.

Emmy can also give you a fit like no other child I've ever seen.  She either ignores the word NO or is getting it confused with GO.  She see's red flames, electrical outlets, steep stairs, rabbit dog and she's like, "Heck ya I'm going to stick my finger in it".  So, she is keeping me on my toes!

                 Here is a picture of my little witch.  I love you and you are totally WORTH IT!

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