Monday, October 21, 2013


Again, my life in photo's!

This past weekend we went out to Boyd's Orchard.  Sunday was beautiful and I'm so thankful we were able to get outside. Scott said home to clean house so Angela, Tommie, Jenna and I took the girls out.

Cami has a great time on the pony ride.  She's a real cowgirl!

This little girl was EVERYWHERE.  She wanted to go on all the big kid slides, climbing things.  I think she liked the Tubes the best.  She looked like a little blue mouse in them.
 Camille is sharing her carmel apple.  That was Emmys only bite.  No so smart momma giving a baby with 4 teeth a bite of carmel!
Jenna, our 19 year old niece, with Cami.  We don't get to see her much but she always entertains us when we do! 

On Saturday morning we had Emmy's 1-year pictures schedule.  Yes, she is almost 15-months but that's just a side note.  We had to cancel due to weather so I took the girls to the store to find a Halloween outfit for Cami.  The girls rode the toy horse together 5 times in a row.  Emmy just clicked her little tongue at the horse the whole time. 

Speaking of Emmy... she's sneaky! 

 Scott turned 34 (gulp) this month.  Happy Birthday!  For his Bday he wanted to go to the Cinni Museum State (or whatever it's called)  The kids had a blast!

 Sampling Daddy's birthday cake.  Mint Choc chip icecream cake (sick) but they loved it!

Also, in Oct we had the Light the Night walk.  We walked in my dads memory and raise over $3000! I'm pretty proud of us and I know dad would be humbled by the amount of people who donated in his memory.  We love you dad and miss you every day! 

And one last random shot of Camille and Emmy brushing their teeth this morning.  Getting these girls ready in the morning is a real blessing.  I just love that Scott leaves for work before these two Diva's wake up!

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